16 Best Youth Empowerment Opportunity  To Sought After And When To.

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16 Best Youth Empowerment Opportunity  To Sought After And When To.

Generally, ever since the outbreak of the global pandemic ( COVID-19) all category of human being (Youth and Adult) have been dealing with harsh economy in one form or the other. The only different is that some people are more financially stable than another before the eruption and when the global pandemic issue surface, everyone feeling the effects according to their earning capacity or net worth. 

However, this article concentrate more on the aspect of Youth category because this are really the working Age and the prominent future of this Age, which implies youths been good in all ramification indicates balance world and or Nation we deserve.

Furthermore, this article present all empowerment opportunities available for Nigeria’s Youth, and in my subsequent post on  “Youths Opportunities” when I’ve gotten enough genuine research content about available opportunities empowerment for youths in other countries across the globe, I won’t hesitate to share/ present this valuable contents here as well for your digest and best use because this is our utmost priority here to bless everyone across the globe the with world class and seasonal opportunities and also with feasible wealth creation solution.

Now, Without wasting much of our time, let’s dive into the game quickly

With Nigeria’s dwindling economy, a more significant portion of the population, particularly the youths, face financial hardship. Fortunately, some empowerment schemes have been helpful. This article provides an extensive list of some youth empowerment programs in Nigeria in 2021.

The lack of job opportunities in the nation has caused an enormous increase in the crime rate. While unemployment is not a justification for crime, we can’t ignore that it has caused many youths to resort to illegal ways of making money.

To help curb the menace of unemployment, the government and individuals have come up with different schemes, skill acquisition programs and youth empowerment programs to assist the youths to stand and cater for their needs.

The youth empowerment programs in Nigeria are set up as support systems for youths of the nation who need financial aids.

List of Youth Empowerment Programmes In Nigeria

Top popular youth empowerment programmes in Nigeria include:

1. Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS)
The GIS aims at creating a chance for 5000 eligible youth graduates to be mobilized as interns ineffective and functional private/public sector firms in other to market the building of the manpower requirement so on drive the Nation’s Transformation Agenda and vision 20:20:20.

2. New Era Foundation
This organization was incorporated on the 17th of January, 2000 with the company Affairs Commission, Abuja. The launch and public presentations were done on the 21st of March, 2000.

In this foundation, the programs from the start are geared towards the wholesome development of the youth within the second balcony .

3. Tradermoni
This is an empowerment program in Nigeria initiated by the federal of Nigeria under the govt Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) scheme.

It is an interest-free loan scheme targeted at petty traders, artisans, and youths across Nigeria.

4. United Nations of Youth Network Nigeria
This organization aims at empowering youths for a positive change for a world that’s united. They partner with many youths across many countries including Nigeria and that they are a NGO .

5. Young Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (YEN)
This particular organization offers extensive leadership training and programs. The essence of this program is to assist youths enhance their personal attributes.

YEN has offered aid to several youths in many areas and has made them self-developed.

6. Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria
The Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria together with the Ministry of Communication Technology and therefore the Ministry of Youth Development functions to inspire youths that are an entrepreneur in Nigeria.

They encourage enterprise development among youths and enable them to make more jobs.

7. Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Deel Program
The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has presented its Digital Skills program under the acronym -DEEL- towards ratcheting up the numbers of these taken out of unemployment to more profitable jobs.

Nigerian youths can apply for any of the listed programmes under Deel empowerment

• Digital Skills. Basic/Intermediate/Advanced training for 500,000 youth.

• Targeted mobile device training for 100,000 youth

• Work experience Program (WEP) – internship opportunities: 3 months for five ,000 youth

• Entrepreneurship


8. Leventis Foundation Agricultural Fully Funded One Year educational program
In addition to the regular Leventis foundation, one-year agricultural training, Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) offers a spread of consultancy services and targeted short courses in several aspects of agriculture e.g.

Poultry production, Vegetable production, Bee-keeping, honey production, Fish farming, Mushroom production, Value chain mapping, etc.

• the great one-year training exposes the participants to many areas of agriculture and other farm businesses.

• Admission is hospitable both male and feminine candidates.

• Tuition and boarding (including feeding) are provided freed from charge for successful candidates throughout the duration of the course.

• the target of the training, which is freed from ALL COSTS to the beneficiaries, is to make in Nigeria, generations of committed young practical farmers who will act as catalysts for agricultural revolution in their communities.

Application is completed here > https://leventisfoundation.org.ng

9. Movement For Youth Actualisation International
They engage in youth productivity programs and youth liberalization. They educate and develop the less privileged.

10. Diamon- Crest for Youth Education Foundation
The function of this organization is to reinforce and offer quality education for the youth. They also function to market ideals for national and international unity through education.

They encourage good social relationships among the youth through regular educational activities. Workshops and seminars are provided to market efficiency and professionalism among teachers and educators.

11. International Centre for Development Affairs
The aim of this organization is to sustain and lead civil society empowerment through communication and development education.

12. Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture In Nigeria (YISA)
As an empowerment program targeting the youth, this program makes no discrimination against your level of education. no matter the extent attained or not attained, there’s something for you during this scheme.

This program has the target to correct, educate, encourage, inspire, train, and support the youth to require up agriculture.

Agriculture isn’t just a development project, it’s an enterprise, and this is often how the scheme wants the youth to believe the program.

If you would like for a career in Agriculture, YISA is there for you! Application is completed here >http://yisanigeria.org

13. Npower
Despite the present high level of unemployment, harnessing Nigeria’s young demography through appropriate skill development efforts provides a chance to realize inclusion and productivity within the country.

Large-scale skill development is that the main policy thrust of the NPower Programme.

The Npower is about to open its application by 2020 and it’s divided into two categories, the Graduate and Undergraduate Category.



14. Foundation for Skills Development
This organization is engaged in empowering unemployed persons with the technical and vocational skills which will enable them to become self-employed.

15. Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI)
This youth empowerment programme was established in 2011. The aim of this is often to inspire youths of Nigerian society in such how on reduce the rates of HIV and stigma within the lives of youths and young ones.

There is an expansion of this program and that they are creating more opportunities for teens and target and that they target the challenges they’re facing.

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