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(Tamilore goes into her mother’s room, to discuss how they can get the money to pay for another JAMB examination).


Tamilore: Mummy, good afternoon, ma.


Mama Tamilore: Good afternoon, my baby. How are you? And I hope you’ve not been thinking.


Tamilore: I’m fine, mum. But I can’t stop thinking. Maybe I will stop when education is no more relevant in our society.


Mama Tamilore: Common, my dear. Education is still very much important, and you’re following that path soon.


Tamilore: Amen. Thank you, mum. I’m here to discuss with you on how you feel we can get my JAMB examination fee, since the forms are out.


Mama Tamilore: Really? OK… That’s good. But things are tight now. Not to worry, let your father come.


Tamilore : Mummy, don’t tell me things are tight. This time, you have to do everything to get that money for me. Else, I’ll kill myself. (Tamilore stands and works out of her mum’s room).


Mama Tamilore: Tamilore, get back here… What is wrong with this girl? (she follows Tamilore into the sitting room). Tamilore, you don’t need all these. You don’t have to say bad words all in the name of not getting admission yet. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to your father when he gets back.




Tamilore: That’s how you talk to yourselves every time, and then you come out of the discussion with nothing. Just leave me alone for now.


Mama Tamilore : O daa, mabinu Oko mii. We’ll look for the money.


(Baba Tamilore enters the sitting room, and meets them discussing).


Baba Tamilore: What’s the topic of our discussion today again? Because I’m sure something is happening.


Mama Tamilore: Welcome, my dear. Tamilore has threatened to kill herself if we do not provide her JAMB exam fee.


Baba Tamilore: Oti’e ti daa… Go and kill yourself Omo daadaa. Why are you so foolish? Do we have the money, and decide not to make it available for you? What’s wrong with the children of nowadays paapaa… O ma se oo!


(Baba Tamilore dips one of his fingers into his mouth, preparing to blame God for his misfortune again).


Mama Tamilore: (cuts in). Do not talk to God anyhow today. Instead, thank Him for the little we have. I should be the one doing this, but I foresee better days ahead of us. Don’t let us be ingrates to God. He is working something out, I believe.


Baba Tamilore: (dips his right hand into his pocket to bring out money). Mama Tamilore, take this.


Mama Tamilore: (collects the money with fear). Where did you get this money from?


Baba Tamilore: I see how hunger is being unfair to us in this house, and I decided to go and borrow from my friend, thinking we’d get little foodstuff from it. I never knew I was going to meet this discussion. But now, you can give the money to Tamilore for her JAMB examination.


Tamilore: (jumps from where she’s sitting to hug her dad). Thank you, daddy. God bless you abundantly. You shall never lack. God will give you greater and mightier testimonies. In the years to come, we will…


Mama Tamilore: (cuts in). It’s okay jare… Now your JAMB fee is here, you can now laugh and pray. O ga oo! Were you not threatening to kill yourself, some minutes ago?


Baba Tamilore: Let her be. She said all those things out of frustration. (turns to Tamilore). Don’t worry, daughter. What God has started, He’ll surely complete. Don’t stop praying.


Mama Tamilore: It’s okay, then. Thank you my husband.


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