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Tamilore has been given admission into University of Ibadan. But she still cries, as there’s no money for the tuition fee, things to take to school, and the likes. Mama Tamilore is in the sitting room watching TV, when Tamilore enters…

Tamilore: Good day, mum.

Mama Tamilore: How are you, my darling?

Tamilore: Mum, I am not fine at all. You and dad really need to sit and talk on my admission matter. It’s getting me freaked out already.

Mama Tamilore: What is it, this time? Haven’t we given you the money for JAMB? You’ve written the exam, and you passed. You’ve written your post UTME exam too. And we’re all expecting the result. I strongly believe you’ll make it. So what is the matter again?

Tamilore: Mum, I have been given admission.

Mama Tamilore: (stands up and starts rolling on the floor, thanking God for answering her prayers). But wait, you’ve been given admission, right?

Tamilore: Yes, Mum.

Mama Tamilore: (confused)… So why are you crying again?

Tamilore: Mum, the tuition fee and money for feeding and my upkeep is a huge amount of money.

Mama Tamilore: I see… But still, you shouldn’t be crying. The Lord that made your admission possible this time is in for some miracles. Let us trust Him.

Tamilore: Mum, doMama Tamilore:  you think I’m talking of a small amount of money? I am talking of thousands, here.

Mama Tamilore: Not to worry, my darling… God is in for greater miracles in our lives. He’ll do it! I believe.


Tamilore: So what would you have me do now?

Mama Tamilore: You just continue being steadfast in your prayers, and start packing your clothes.

Tamilore: Clothes? Have you forgotten I don’t even have a bag?

Mama Tamilore: That’s true. Don’t worry, we will get everything.

Tamilore: Mum, you seem not to worry about everything. Why are you like this?

Mama Tamilore: Why worrying when I have the greatest God? I will not worry. I believe my God is fixing things.

Tamilore: Where’s dad?

Mama Tamilore: Your father has gone to the farm. And please, do not disturb him when he gets back. Let him rest before anything.

Tamilore: No oo.. The earlier the better! I’ll inform him immediately he gets back.

Mama Tamilore: Wait… What exactly is your problem? Is it until you kill us in this house? Why are you so mean? You think we don’t think or care about you… You just try and disturb my husband when he gets back… Common, get inside!

Tamilore grumbles as she enters into her room.
Immediately she entered, her friend, Folake enters into their sitting room.

Folake: (kneels down to greet Mama Tamilore). Good afternoon, ma.

Mama Tamilore: Good afternoon, my daughter. How are things?

Folake: Fine, thank you, ma.

Mama Tamilore: What of your parents?

Folake: They are very fine ma. Is Tamilore in?

Mama Tamilore: Yes. She just entered into her room. You can go in and check her.

Folake: Thank you, ma. (she goes into Tamilore’s room).
Tamilore, how are you?

Tamilore: I’m fine.

Folake: Common, don’t give me that. You can’t possibly be fine and be crying. What is the matter?

Tamilore: I’m serious, there’s nothing wrong with me.

Folake: We’ve really come a long way. Tell me if anything is the problem.

Tamilore: It is about my admission, Folake. I’m tired… And if anything is not done, I’ll kill myself.

Folake: You want to take the life that doesn’t belong to you, because of ordinary admission? That’s pathetic. By the way, I thought you said you’ve been admitted. Why all these again?

Tamilore: Yes, I have been admitted. I am talking about the money involved. Where do we get it? It’s no small money.

Folake: Tamilore, where is your faith? We go to Church together. Have you forgotten all those things they teach us?

Tamilore: Folake, no one is talking about Church, here.

Folake: Now I see what your problem is. You see, if you don’t trust God, he would never look at your side. You don’t trust Him, and you want miracles to start flowing in your life? That’s impossible! You need to trust Him, and don’t stop praying for divine helpers.

Tamilore: Really? Has He not been seeing me praying all these while?

Folake: Talk like this one more time, and I’ll leave your house! What is your problem? Now, stand up and let’s go to Church to pray.

Tamilore stands and they both leave for Church.



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