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Join the train of corporate organization and individual CCN Sponsors & Partners worldwide, who SEEK FOR OPPORTUNITY TO invest in the power of JET AGE DEVELOPMENT (DIGITIZATION OF INFORMATION), and action for sustainable change in your brand awareness, products awareness or whatever services you offer. We are known to have a rich database of your potential clients, and through your support, corporate sponsorship, and  partnership, we hold offer services and run programmes which promote your interests, through techniques which focus on the latest means that works (Information digitization) . Recognition will be based on total annual investment made through your memberships, sponsorship, strategic partnerships, special grants and in-kind SUPPORT.

CCN holds programmes connecting all tertiary institutions and events across the country.

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The packages attached to your sponsorship/partnership includes:

– Advertisement of your organization in our  event Brochure
– Organization profile on the program Brochure
– Right to distribute printed corporate literature/gift packs at the event
– Organization logo on the event Awards Plaque
– CEO to deliver a Keynote in Relevant Session (CONDITIONAL)
– Branding in the event Hall
– Branding in the dedicated Registration Area
– Branding at the podium

– A spacious Exhibition Space (CONDITIONAL & NEGOTIATION)
– VIP reserved seats at the event Opening Ceremony(CONDITIONAL)
– Complimentary attendees
– Organisation logo on all event Promotional Materials

– Organization logo, and link to the company website on displayed the event Official Website/Page
– Organization mentioned on all media promotions for the event both online and offline.
– Organization logo on the name tag of delegates.
– Sponsorship acknowledgement in all Press Releases.
– Inclusion in all social media postings
– Banner ads on the event website page with link to Sponsor’s Website
– Acknowledgement of sponsor during the event Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  

For further progress or enquiries , please CONTACT US HERE :  CONTACT HERE





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