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BY EDITOR AKINOLA MARIAN  ; She is OAU student, one of the passionate and dedicated Editorial Crew of Campus Connect Network Media Crew for OAU Chapter.

Hearty congratulations on getting admitted into the dream institution of thousands of Nigerian youths, Obafemi awolowo university.  I remember vividly my first time on Oau campus. I was a young girl with absolutely no experience nor knowledge about what campus life was all about. I only had my fantasies and I was determined to explore new boundaries since the popular belief was university life was a life of freedom. I was a total novice like most other freshmen few of whom knew how to mask their ignorance. I was distant from the familiarity of home, my parents and siblings. Indeed, I had a bumpy first few weeks on campus. 

A large percentage of you will feel like I did but fear not, you're not alone.  Most freshmen are as clueless about campus life as you are. It's alright to be scared. In time, you'll learn the basics of surviving in this environment. With these tips, you will have a not so bumpy four year ride on campus...

🎀The first and foremost thing, is to take your academics seriously. Believe it or not, you cannot survive academically on this campus without reading as best as you can. You have probably heard complaints about how difficult the Educational system in oau is. This is the truth, some exaggerated but mostly true. If you have always been an awesome reader who assimilates easily, good for you. If not, you have to put in more efforts and time. The relevance of class attendance cannot be overemphasized. Majority of the best student are those who attend classes regularly, rub Minds with lecturers and other colleagues. Join or pioneer a group reading, Ask questions, it goes a long way. Do not allow them screams of failure to get to you. When u rely on what you have heard about the statistical number of A’s, B’s or the lack of it a lecturer awards, you find it hard to be detached from failure. Dont rely solely on past questions.

🎀 Always take time to rest, you’ll need it . Do not overwork yourself. You get the best result when you rest and re-energize your brain. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have. Eat good food. I don’t believe in reading for a lengthy period of 5 hours without rest (I have however done it once in a dire situation, but u don’t want to hear how awful I felt afterwards). If you believe you are strong enough to handle it, your call.

🎀 Dress responsibly, you don’t want to disgraced by the university security officers or even worse, your lecturers.

🎀 ” Do not forget the child of whom you are”. This might sound old fashioned, something your grandparents will say to you as you head to school. However I’ve learnt in my few years on campus that it’s so easy to get lost in the multitude and occasionally forget your purpose. We all fall off course once in a while, the important thing is getting your head back in the game.

🎀 Make friends that suit you. The trendy advice is to make good friends however, it’ll shock you to Know that good friends are sometimes not always the right one for you. Endeavor to make friends, you’ll need them and them you. You cannot fly solo on campus or you will miss out on a lot of opportunities .However, never forget to be mindful of the friends you keep.

🎀Furthermore, Be involved. Go out for any sport, club, and activity you can think of. Not only will it give you a kick ass resume, you’ll have awesome memories and so many more friends. It will give an interesting experience to look back on in future. You don’t want to graduate and wonder what you spent all those years doing.

🎀 Finally, guess what? You can always try again , That is why you have four (or five) years. Four years to perfect yourself, your grades, your vision. Calm down, restrategize and try again. Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street. Remember “ Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail .”
— Confucious


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