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AKINYINKA OMOWUNMI  ; she is OAU student, one of the passionate and dedicated Editorial team of Campus Connect Media Crew for OAU Chapter.
  It's a great pleasure to be among those who got admitted into the university after the tedious process. Many people strived for the admission but only few were admitted. Congratulations for being part of the few who got admitted into the university. Kudos to you!!!
Always remember you got admitted one day, you will also graduate one day.The simple truth is that not all that got admitted that will graduate.Take a minute and ask yourself " _will I be a happy graduate_ ?"

A happy graduate must have had a successful stay while on campus. It takes a lot of sweat,work and focus.
To have a successful stay on campus, you need some tips:
1. Go to all orientations
Orientations are there to determine one’s position relative to the surroundings.At orientations, everything or anywhere you need to know will be shown.Orientations serve as guidance to your stay on campus.Different orientations will be organized,make sure you attend.This will go a long way on your stay on campus
2. Get your priorities right
You are here to get an education that will shapen your future.Your aim should be to excel in every class and semester.You should not just look up to a certificate but to an “Education”.Sit yourself down and think, talk to yourself,state your goals and remain focus in any situation.
3. Read early
The university is entirely different from your high school. You might have been reading two days to examinations and still get good grades. I bet it with you, it might not work here. Start reading as early as possible.make hay while the sun shines.
The earlier the better, Don’t get it compiled.
4 .Go to classes
Once classes begin,you have a chance to review your course syllabi.Plan your time. Skipping morning classes can be tempting.Do not skip that 7am and 8am classes.Not everything might be given in your notes. These classes are lecturing classes.No one to give you lesson notes. More important things might be said in the classroom and might not be found in any material. Listen carefully while you are in class.

  1. Don’t keep silent
    Always speak up whatever the problem you are facing. No parents or guardian is here to notice anything.Nobody knows you here than yourself. Always seek help if needed whether academic or personal issues. Solutions won’t come if you keep mute. Speak up to people no matter the situation, you will always get helping hands.
  2. Know your limits
    Know who you are and remember where you came from. Know yourself, don’t pass your boundaries. Know how and where you assimilate, know who you move with, know where you can go, know what you can do.Always know your limits before you take risks.You are not here to be a duplicate of anyone than to be your original yourself. I wish everyone of us a blissful stay on campus. I pray we will be a happy graduate at the end of our course here. By EDITOR AKINYINKA OMOWUNMI On behalf of all of us at: Campus Connect Network(CCN digital and network services)


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