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There are several ways to enjoy the holiday one of which healthy eating is very important. During school period, we are overloaded with academic work and it is sometimes difficult to find time to eat well. Majority of what we feed on are junks, many things occupy our time and give little to space to eat healthy foods. The best time to eat healthy is during holiday. Holiday is a period to we relax, freshen up soul and body,catch fun.
There are different Nigerian meals we can enjoy during this holiday.


 Pounded yam Most students eat this on a rare basis, some even during festivals. It becomes delightful when taken with soup such as egusi, vegetables etc. It’s a very popular meal most Nigerians love eating.


Spaghetti BologneseIt’s a delicious meal made from pasta. It is Super easy to cook and a true Italian classic with a meaty, chilli sauce. 


Ewa ganyin and stewThis is one of Nigeria dishes made from beans and dark pepper. It’s usually soft and tasty.You can cook this with family and friends.


PastriesDuring school period,we don’t have enough time to make pastries. You can bake these and enjoy with family, neighbors and friends. Some of the easy pastries to bake are cupcakes, muffins, cookies etc. You can find different recipes online 


Tuwo shinkafaThis is a meal made from rice or corn formed into balls. It’s delicious when taken with spicy sauce.


Pepper soupThis is gotten from any meat either (beef,chicken or fish)pepper, spicy vegetables. This is one of the favorite soup in Nigeria, it has a unique taste that you would glad you got.


Jollof RiceMany students eat concoction rice instead if the authentic jollof rice during school period. Nigeria jollof rice is more delicious when served with fried chicken, plaintain and vegetables. 
Recipes for all these delicacies can be easily gotten online.
Have a wonderful vacation and eat well 


Written by Editor Akinyinka Omowunmi 
On behalf of all of us at campus connect network (CCN digital and media services) OAU Chapter


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