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Our sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone for your support and participation!!

On behalf of all of us at Campus Connect Network, Futa Chapter.
Thank you all so very much for your participation and support during the Digital- Knowledge 1.0 Event, that took place on the 28th of March, 2019. At Hilltop Auditorium, Futa, Obanla.
We hope the experience was as enjoyable for you as it was for us hosting this wonderful event.
A sincere thank you to all the students (Futarians ) that were present at the event , we hope the essence of the program was achieved in your life which ranges from practical approach to Generate Revenue Through Digital Information and Tech Awreness (Media Industry, Empowerment section , academics) and others, even as we realised that you sacrificed your classes for that . Thanks so much, we believe that the knowledge and connections gained at the event is also something worth considering.


Also, our profound gratitude and a special thank you goes out to all our supporters, both the school management and other leaders outside the school premises (other organisation). Our vote of thanks still goes to all our invited guest speakers and top figures that were present such as  the Vice chancellor of the school , The Dean of Students Affairs , NTA Akure (TV Station),
Ondo State Board Of Internal Revenue, Akure (Rep),  General Manager of NAO , Counselling Unit, Representative from Cegist, Futa, and Other top figures.
Thanks so much for your In-kind support (Futa FM) , we’re very much grateful.
Big thanks to the chapter staff advisers.
We sincerely appreciate you all and we look forward to seeing you all at the next awarding event of CCN Futa Chapter.


We appreciate all the SMEs around the school premises, both on and off campus. We recommend them all for you potential clients far and near the vicinity, that they offer the best in their services with good customers satisfaction experience and also with favorable prices. Below are their business details and logo, patronise them now as they offer you the best of your choice.
Location: Student’s Union Building, ground floor. Futa, obanla.
Services : Printing, Stationaries Sale, Indoor, Outdoor and Studio Photography and related.
Location :Futa obanla , opposite the new library.
Service : Radio station services
Location : Futa Southgate .
Services : Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Website .
E-Commerce and Business Site. (08160516140)
Website and Application Design. (07031612450)
Name ;  Mummy TOBI Venture
Location: Futa Southgate, Obakekere.
Services: All kinds of provision with great customers experience.
LOCATION: Futa Southgate, Obakekere.
Service: Eatries.
Good and quality one.
LOCATION: Futa Southgate, Obakekere.
Service: Eatries.
Niceone with good and qualty service with good customers experience as well.

Loading Soon !!!!!!  Anticipate some other section of the event activities like the panel sections and other vital section to be loaded soon.

Thanks so much , we love you all our Audience plenty.

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