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The Nigerian communications Commission has held a consumer conversation programme for staff and students of the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA).The programme is part of the mandate of the commission which is to ensure the protection of the rights, privileges and interests of telecommunications consumers, including the physically challenged groups through adequate information dissemination programmes, as well as effective and qualitative telecoms service delivery.
Speaking at the programme the NCC Zonal Controller, Mr. Yomi Arowosafe said all over the world, the consumer is a major stakeholder in any business including telecommunications businesses and that the satisfaction of consumers by any business is a critical determining factor to the success of such business.

He said, consequently for the growth of the telecommunications industry to be sustained, the telecommunications consumer must be satisfied with the quality of service being delivered by telecommunications operations.
Arowosafe stated that it is the duty of both NCC and telecommunications operators to provide relevant, timely and useful information to telecommunications consumers in the country in a way that is easily accessible and understandable to consumers.
The Controller said the commission in the current year 2019 consumer engagement and outreach programmes has focused on discussing the roles of telecom consumers in mitigating the effects of cyber-crimes.
He disclosed that the commission envisions that at the conclusion of “Year of the Telecom Consumers” programme in 2019, telecom consumers will be better educated, informed and empowered while feedback on quality of service of service delivery from operators will be positive.

There was a presentation on consumer conversion by Mr. Tajudeen Saka who enlightened participants in the “Do not disturb” (DND) facilities where consumers can bar all promotional messages and the NCC number 622 for the NCC customer complaint line. He also talked about potential health issues, short replacement period for the devices and potential security issues or threat to natural security.
Saka also warned consumers that there are non-type approved phones that do not meet the relevant technical specification and as such can exposes users to potential health issues through harmful radiation.
Telecom representatives from GLO, MTN and AIRTEL were on hand to address issues raised by the subscribers. The programme was attended by staff and students of the institution.


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