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Getting Rid of Distractions.

Distraction may be explained as some kind of things that deviate people’s attention from the attainment of a hi particular purpose or aim.
As students, we are exposed to diverse activities,among which some are impactive while the rest are destructive.
*It is expedient* we put in mind that *there is a particular thing I am willing to accomplish* and in every thing we do, let’s try as much as possible to avoid distraction because it has nothing to offer than to disrupt a man’s heart from chasing his desired goals.
*Nevertheless,* it should be taken to heart that no matter how those distractions may look appealing to a man, it has no benefit to offer than bringing delay to the attainment of a desired goals…
I won’t want to bore us with stories but will say this before drawing down the curtain, there are diverse forms of distraction among which are; Phones, movies, games,etc.
A piece by Editor Ojewale Oluwatosin Blessing,On behalf of all of us at Campus Connect Network(CCN) digital and Network Services, OAU CHAPTERAttachments area

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