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We have all heard of the phrase “health is wealth”. You might not really believe it till you’re wealthy and suffering from diabetes, obesity, heart attack, kidney problem, liver failure or any other alien ailment that might have cropped up by then. 

Gravely influenced by the part of the world we live in, people take little or no interest in taking good care of their health. One thing we no doubt suffer from in this country is not ignorance but the ability to condone ignorance.
 Elderly people discard the admonition to visit hospitals or exercise with the belief that their forefathers didn’t have to do these things but they lived long. We Forget that the contemporary life has brought with it junks and delicacies which are as life-threatening as they are delicious. 
What exactly is being healthy?Good health requires consumption of good balance diet and clean water, intake of fresh air, getting adequate sleep and getting regular exercises. Staying fit, eating at the right time and eating the right thing. Geting regular check-ups does not mean you are ill, it just means you do not take your health for granted. Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not just the absence of infirmity.
Mental and physical health are the two most commonly emphasized types of health since these two define our day to day lifestyle, ability and inability.  Practicing good hygiene, eating good food, avoiding alcohol, tobacco and illegal drug intake help to maximize good physical health. While mental health on the other hand is determined by the individual’s daily experiences. Mental health depends on the ability to enjoy life, adapt to adversity and bounce back after difficult situations. 
The relevance of a good health cannot be overemphasized. A healthy body is an healthy mind.
To be continued… 
Written by Akinola Opeyemi Marian On behalf of all of us at campus connect network (CCN digital and media services)

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