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FUTASU ELECTION 2019 held yesterday 14 of may 2019

                                INTERVIEW 1

Interviewer: How was the today’s election?

Voter: it was amazing! I’m very happy with what I’m seeing here.

Interview: Can you compare last year’s election to this year’s election?

Voter: No doubt, this election SOS decides, SEMS decides and SHHT decides. That’s how it going to be

Interviewer: What can you say about rigging?

Voter: There’s no rigging in this election, the security was just tight.

                                INTERVIEW 2

Interview: What is your view about the election?

Voter: It’s been cool so far. It’s a two way reaction from the result, so far, based on students’ reaction I observed that there have been inconclusive decision from some faculties, while some made authentic decision. For School of Engineering, there Excos have done a perfect job by not meeting the views of their students. SOS also has same perspective.  But other schools, due to personal interest and some other issues which I won’t talk about, so they were not able to come into final conclusion and it’s really affected them negatively.

Interviewer: Do you think the election can be rigged?

Voter: The method of the election which is electronic/online based, it can actually be hacked. Now if there is a crazy student amongst us, they can just hack the votes without anyone noticing. Secondly, rigging can’t come from the security personnel because, the method used is strict. Before you as a student enters the hall, your ID card will be scanned to be sure you can’t vote twice.

Interviewer: Do you think the school can have a hand in this election?

Voter: About the school way of doing things, I know they would want to impose who they like on us but trust me, if the take any step, it won’t have any effect. If you take a good look at the student environment now, you will notice that more student are hyping father AB. He has the highest probability of winning the election but if there is going to be any contradictory result, it going to be a bit minor.

Interviewer: You voted last year?

Voter: No, I wasn’t allowed to vote but I was very much available at the polling center. Last year’s election, only two faculties were very distinct and it SMAT and SAT. The two faculties came up with an incredible plan that was just too fantastic while the other faculties couldn’t decide quickly.


Interviewer: What’s your view about the election?

Voter: The election was peaceful due to the fact that I’m a direct entry student. Actually, it’s my first time of participating in the election exercise.

Interviewer: After you came out of the election hall, did you witness any riot or fight?

Voter: Of course this is a university system you would expect stuffs like that. Students were quarrelling outside and stuffs like that. But I must confess the election was still very peaceful.


Correspondent: What can you say about today’s election?

Voter: It went well, everything was peaceful and I voted in my candidates.

Correspondent: Do you think there will be anything like rigging based on the fact that it’s an online exercise?

Voter: Even if there is going to be rigging, we already know the winning team.

Correspondent: Do you know that sometimes it’s not the candidate being hyped that wins the election, so what do you have to say about that?

 Voter: Currently, information being passed to us is that Father AB is on the winning side. So even if they want to rig it , we already know our right and we will fight for it.  It’s high time they stopped imposing leaders on us. We know who we want even if Shiloh wins the election, we know he didn’t win.

Correspondent: What if the candidate you voted for doesn’t win, what would you do?

Voter: If the person I voted for doesn’t win, I swear FUTA can never progress. They will continue imposing leaders on us. They actually know what they are doing and by the way who told you that we can’t do anything? Is it because we stopped protesting. The Engineering students for five years now have been producing good leaders. Imagine what happened last year: AY original the leader we wanted for the job, but then FUTA maneuver there way and opted him out. That’s just so unfair.

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