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Alex Afolarin Initiative(AFI) GIRL CHILD EDUCATION

The event started at exactly 10:30am. The moderator in person of Mr. Michael welcomed all so the ladies present. He said and I quote ” if you teach a man, you teach one person but when you teach a woman, you teach the whole world.

Alex Foarin’s speech
AFI was birthed in 2016 and it channels to educating the girl child and come up with young minds. Educating the girl child will lead to growth of the country.

Debate section
Round 1
Topic: future of ladies: carrier or the kitchen
Two ladies volunteered themselves and the trashed out the topic.
Round 2
Topic: Feminism
Two volunteers striked a balance between gender equality and the society

Dr. Kemi Adebola speech
Topic: Offering quality education to the girl child and means to improve developmental changes
Bureau Nigeria estimated the population of Nigeria to be about 183 million people. 49.5% are female while 50.5% are male. 40%female are school drop out. 21% are secondary school drop out, 17% are primary school drop out.
The only way to develop our country is to educate the girl child.
Educating the girl child is building the future. Female genital mutilation must be put to stop. The sustainable development goals promise to improve quality education for all, end poverty, strike for equality and so on but it cannot be achieved if women are not carried along. Women are the centre of it all, in kitchen, the other room, in government etc. Give a woman your vision and she will build it. You cannot ride a care without petrol. Let’s give women the opportunityand development is sure.
Problems like Maternal mortality, population increase and child nutrition will not be solved unless the girl education is incucated.

Ibukun Awoshica speech
Seek to do things correctly, don’t be in a hurry. Life is in stages. If you continuely educate and empower yourself, you will surely get to the right place. The Cinderella part of wearing your wedding gown is just a show. Your spouse is what matters. Marry a human being. To succeed in life, you need to get a good partner. His father’s Money os not his money. Life may go in different directions but don’t let it affect you value. Have a sense of yourself. All the things you don’t plan for mayccome your way but don’t let that deprive you of your dreams.

Apoola Beyond FUTA speech
Education of the girl child is a way out of poverty
It is a way to growth and development
Change the country for good
Change the narrative of the immediate environment.

The program held on the 30th May, 2019. At Hill-top Auditorium .


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