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Held at Hilltop Auditorium…on Friday, 07/06/2019..
(I wasn’t there early enough when the programme commence)
*Deans of all faculties were present, some were ably represented
*All *principal officers* of the students affair was present including the head of the students affair.
*The bursar , the register and the university librarian was present for the ceremony.
*Principal officer of the VC office was present and of the Senate.
*The dean of students affair commence his speech…
He spoke about the importance of the union to the university council, he commended the outgoing Union leaders for their time in office and for their peaceful tenure, he also commended them for their hard work and cooperation with the university authorities and he urge the Newly elected to emulate the outgoing leaders.
*The Master of ceremony came up to the podium and invited the former president to give his farewell speech
(he was nowhere to be found as of the time and immediately his speech section was skipped for the ceremony to proceed)

  • The master of ceremony ushered the VC ( he was represented ) to give his speech…
    He urge the incoming Union leaders to use the period of their tenure to foster the development of the school and to shun any form of violence with students or the university authorities. He furthermore, urge them to always have it at the back of their minds that their primary aim of coming to the university is to study and as such other activities are secondary. He told them to use their time and their tenure well and see their leadership mantle as an opportunity to serve the students. He continue by saying, they should be leaders worthy of emulations and should have good rapport with the students that elected them to this positions. In conclusion, he told them to promote the image of the university and lastly, be diligent with their academy so as to balance everything-up.
    *The master of ceremony invited barrister #$&## from the federal high court Akure, to commence the Oath:
    The barrister swore in the New speaker, the former speak came to the podium to present the staff of office to the newly elected speakers..
    *There after, the speaker proceed to swear in the president-elect to his office.
    He further proceeded to swear in the executive members, the judicial council members and then the students representative council members… they all stood up respectively, raising their right hands and reciting their oaths.
    *The president mounted the podium and deliver his first speech …
    he appreciated the principal bodies present the opportunity, he thanked the students for giving him the capacity to be the number one student-citizen of FUTA and to be representing them at the apex, he thanked the students on behalf of his colleagues on same note, and promised to use his position to serve effectively and create good and enabling synergy between students of the university and the university authorities.
    *The dean of students gave the vote of thanks and the programme was brought to a conclusion by the Master of ceremony with the school anthem being sung…
    *the students Union leaders and the principal bodies proceeded outside for photographs.

Event pictures loading soon. Thanks.

Correspondent report by CCN crew ( John Olorunfemi ). Ex-futatian.

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