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We’re so sorry for a while delay in feeding you all with our relevant information/updates.

This is due to some technical issues we encounter for a while and we’re almost done with it. Thanks you all for been our insider. We promise never to let you down.. forever we’ll continue to connect and network anyone for better for good likewise all our empowerment program is ongoing at various institutions chapter we exist,most especially Futa Chapter, University of Lagos (Unilag) , Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and some others, communities and the likes because we felt the needy to empower and build as youth and community as possible with reality practical task practising by professionals in the field.

Right now the Campus Annual Summit, 2019 which is also known as Cas’19 . The arrangements and and awareness is currently on going both on campus , off Campus and organizations …

Cas’19 program is one of other system of running practical activities to ensure same empowerment skills is passed across with lots of testimonies after all. Well, details and e-flyers about the Cas’19 program will be shared on the event page. Watch out

Please, if you’ve been one of our regular and respected supporters, partners or sponsors on any of our empowerment and elevating programs we’ve been doing before now we’re saying a big thank you till infinity and our promises for you all from our ends will always remain intact.. but if you’re yet to belong to this strong body that has the mission and vision of doing great and exploit across the country and in other countries as well, please kindly get involved, rich out to us … So, you’ll be part of the success stories now , in future and in generation to come.

Yours in service.


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