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Ways to defeat Ganging up

Written by: PEDRO IBUKUN

Have you ever found yourself being gang up against by people you mixed with or trusted or people you serve with or under.
It is disheartening to know, makes us feel inferior of ourselves and reduces our self-esteem.
Yeah, every good person had gone through it, especially if you love the good of others without expecting anything in return.
I want to share tips to help tip the gang up in your favor.

Note: These tips focuses on office work and interpersonal relationship.

The main reason they gang up against you is that they find you as a threat to their survival because you are;

(1) Acceptable
The way you carry yourself amongst other people tells a lot about how you can fit in in any circle while holding your values. You relate with the low by giving them dignity a boss might not give them, minimally engage in their small talks, and very flexible. You can relate with their bosses and form close bond with them while they make good public comments about you or give green light about your approval.

(2) Easy and fast at learning things
Your ready to learn everything attitude makes fellow coworker’s or junior workers like you the more..since you can find a good communication with them. They would be willing to teach you the tricks about their jobs and techniques in getting them done faster. But this is not so with everyone, because some of your folks will see it as “ITK (I too know) or I TOO SABI”. Especially, if you know more skills than them or you are better than them in more areas and wanting to learn their area of specifications as an addition.

(3) Posses a qualification more supreme to them.
Yes, this is true, they might have serve more numbers of years in your work place or maybe older than you..perhaps the numbers of years worked determines the rate at which they are promoted or their age grade determines how they perceive to be respected irrespective of their position.
So, you as a person coming in with a top notched qualification capable of heading a big position in a short space of arrival but learning the practical aspects of the job makes you a threat to those that have served longer and eyeing the post and to those far older than you and having lesser qualification but are in a close circle which you are to work with.

(4) Smart and Intelligent

Imagine a trial and error person as the boss but having good numbers of years as an experience on the job and a smart & intelligent person as his apprentice with little or no experience.
Most bosses will see them as a threat rather than a good opportunity to help improve oneself.
He will find every opportunity to mock the apprentice in open and without usually happens to SIWES Students

So they find bad names callings to attack your character and open shading to make you loose your self esteem in the public

How to win the gang up

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Ignore them

  Learn to ignore their tantrums, if you ignore their tantrums it wouldn't get to you but do not snub them. Do your best to stay out of clear sight of their tantrums while you work.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Smile at their faces

 Smiles are your biggest weapon, think about your happy moments while you work with them.. It enables to stay refresh.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Create time to learn a useful skill in that field

Learn skill while they isolate you with the silent treatment they dish out.. It will occupy your time  and mind rather than you thinking about them

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Stay Positive about yourself

Irrespective of what they say or how bad they may want to treat you. Have a good perception about yourself. It will boost your ego and bring the best out of you.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Win over their foes☺

Make friends with their foes, it will give you an edge in knowing how to tackle them and having a support base loyal to you.
There is no other loyal friend than an enemy of your enemy. Win their bond over and talk to enhance their sentiments (views) before high places. you have to be diplomatic while you relate with the crew that ganged up against you so as for you not to be setup.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Relate with the heads of the places

Find time to create connection with the heads of the departments you work with. Be useful to them ( for example may be one of the choir they engage it..know it and help them out in it.) so as to be able to draw closer to them. It enables you find out little secrets about where you work or the net worth of those that fight against you or reasons they fight against you and how to best tackle them.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Talk less of your abilities
You telling them how connected you are within the society/organization or ability you have may earn you more hating and ganging up. Know your strengths while you work on their weakness. Talk less about yourself and try to work on you getting better or a better skill than they have or you have at that particular period. Try influence people views to align with you

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Be cautious and prayerful

Be cautious and prayerful during this period as many indirect attacks or self sponsored attacked may be launched against you. Be cautious of instructions given to you or help you may be required to render or particularly your view. Know how best to respond or decline reply
Talk to your maker about the problems you face and ask for directions. He is sure to prepare a table before us in the midst of our enemy and anoint our heads

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