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Revenue!!; How To boost your Income by 10x this December and year 2020

“`”Profit is the increase that comes through the exchange of value that leads to happiness.”“`

Aim: To increase financial knowledge among students, employee, self-employed and entrepreneurs.

Objective: Participants would have a better knowledge regarding:

  1. What money is.
  2. How to make money.
  3. How to build a business from problem to multi-million business.
  4. Difference between a student, employee, a self-employed, entrepreneur and a business person.
  5. How to run and manage a business.

Benefits to the audience:

  1. Participants would gain:
    -How to live in plenty when others are complaining of lack.
    -How to increase their income.
    -How to increase sales.
    -How to confidently make money legally.
    -How to start a business when there is no money.

Starting this Date: 📅 Friday, 29th of November 2019.

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Side Attraction:
📚Free E-book “How To become a successful student.”


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