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The love story of many I have read and the romantic tales of ages I have heard. Some were those of Romeo and Juliet, While others were the wedlock of the gods. But ours is the tale of a flame-ice romance I so love you that it burns in my heart 💓Just like the flame of fire burning on the edge of a flame arrow. With its sharpness of trust and its flame of love, it is ready to break walls of misunderstanding and boundaries of communication. For at some point, languages and tribal difference have not done us well. Looking through your crystal clear eyes. I do see your love for me so calm and warm. Warm enough to release peace and calm every hell With it smoky iced nature you do present it like flame, But each time our love meets, we destroy each other. You are water am fire. I melt your ice till it quenches my fire. What an irony: our love story. It is obvious for us to live, we must stay far away from each other. My heart longs for you, and you never ready to run from me. But every time we meet it becomes an flame-ice romance…


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