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Challenge Overview
Cloud and artificial intelligence are reshaping industries all around the globe, driving innovation and Opening new frontiers.
This is why alibaba cloud has launched the machine language learning platform for AI (PAI) to empower innovators with technical or cost barriers. This opportunity is open to researchers, startups, developers alike.
Open to All AI Developers and Innovators
$50,000+ Computing Combability and Exclusive Resources for Participants

$116,000 in Total Worth in Prizes for Winners
Prizes and Benefits
The winners of the challenge will share $55,000 USD cash prizes and $61,000 cloud credits in total.

1st Place: 1 Team

$20,000 Cash Prize (Pre-Tax)
$5,000 Alibaba Cloud Credits
$5,000 PAI Credits

2nd Place: 2 Teams

$10,000 Cash Prize (Pre-Tax)
$4,000 Alibaba Cloud Credits
$4,000 Alibaba Cloud Credits

3rd Place: 3 Teams

$5,000 Cash Prize (Pre-Tax)
$2,500 Alibaba Cloud Credits
$2,500 PAI Credits

Innovation Award: 10 Teams
$1,000 Alibaba Cloud Credits
$1,000 PAI Credits
All winners also get the following as benefits;

Award Certificates

Chance of becoming Ailbaba cloud MVP or ambassador.
Global Exposure
Challenge starts, registration opens
Deadline for 1st round submission
1st round results announced; 2nd round starts
Deadline for 2nd round submission
Final results announced
How to Join the Challenge
This challenge is open to those using machine language in their projects. To participate, follow these simple steps

Register for the Challenge >
Please register for the challenge on Tianchi

Get Coupon & Start Using PAI >
Claim a $50 PAI coupon and start using PAI

Submit Your Project >
The deadline for the 1st round submission is Oct 16

Requirements for registration
Participants must have an account on Alibaba Cloud International Site before registering for the challenge.
In order to get PAI coupon and start using PAI, you are required to add a valid payment method to your account. (If you are a university/college student and do not have a valid payment method, please get student verification before claiming the coupon. )
A team may consist one or more participants. The coupon and award will be only given to one account for a team and cannot be seperated.
Tasks and Topics
Tasks are: 1) use machine learning in your products/projects; and 2) use Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) to train your models (assessed in the 2nd round only). The challenge welcomes innovative projects powered by machine learning in any field or industries. The following topics are for reference, and other topics are also encouraged. The choice of topic/industry will have no impact on your results.

AI + Internet Applications
Short-form Videos
Social Media
Online Education

AI + Production

AI for Public Good
Wildlife Conservation
Pollution Prevention

Exclusive Resources for Participants
This challenge provides all participants with necessary computing resource, training sessions and other reference datasets.
Computing Resources with PAI
All participants who have registered for the challenge on Tianchi can get a $50 PAI coupon (one coupon per user, see step-by-step guide), which can be used for purchasing and using PAI and will be valid until the end of the challenge. Please first confirm your registration to the challenge, and once you are approved, you will get the credits. (Please note, you will need to pay if your usage exceeds the value of your coupon.)

If you enter the 2nd round, you will get an additional $400 PAI coupon.

Submission and Judging Criteria
1st Round
2nd Round (To Be Announced)
In the 1st round, you are required to submit:
A proposal of your project, showing
The executive summary of your project.
The main value and innovation of your project.
How you leverage machine learning for the project.
Introduction to you or your team.
A Screen shot showing you are using PAI
The screenshot can be included in the PDF/PPT file or submitted separately in png or jpg format.
It shows you are using PAI-DSW or PAI-Studio.
You are required to start using PAI in the 1st round, though it will not be assessed.
Submit Proejct
Judging Criteria
After the submission phase of round 1 is completed, projects would be reviewed and judged based in the criteria below:
Innovation and Creativity: 30%
How original and creative is the project? Is there any technological and/or social innovation in the project? (An existing project created by your own team can be submitted to the challenge and will be consider as an original one.)
Technical Feasibility and Complexity: 40%
How much does the project leverage machine learning algorithms? Can the machine learning model(s) the project uses solve the problem(s) it targets? Is the project technically scalable?
Social or Business Value: 30%
What problems does the project solve? Is it marketable? Can it be used on a large scale?

Organizers & Partners


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