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Episode 9



All names, claims, events, institutions, and locations used therein are fictional and are not connected to the affected and there is no effort towards tarnishing the image of any institution or persons as any case of resemblance is a coincidence.


It was a Tuesday morning, Joshua was still lying on the bed with eyes open and mind unsettled. It is obvious he didn’t sleep in the course of the night, courtesy of several scary nightmares that graced his night.
“Hey Joshua! Don’t tell me you still sleeping.” ASP Ochuko asked as he entered the room.
“No Sir”. Joshua replied as he pulled his body from the king sized foam and stood up.
“Go and freshen up, we have a long day ahead of us”. He told him and walked out.
Joshua left the room that was filled with children’s clothings and toys. He paused and wonder why he didn’t see any child around yet the room is filled with such kids belongings. Well, he said that’s not part of his problems. Walking towards the end bathroom he overhead ASP Ochuko groaning as he workout in the family gym.
Back there at the government house, the SSS squad that were sent after Joshua returned with reports gathered from Remm’s Lodge. According to them it was attested to that a squad of armed men invaded the compound, not to rob actually but to rape and kill. The whole ordeal was narrated to the governor by his S.A on Security matters.
“Listen and listen good”. The Governor barked.
“I don’t give a damn weather or not he was really involved in whatsoever crime, why matters now is clear my name, hang the idiot that was the vigilante and I believe you know what to do”. He dished out.
“Yes Sir”. He answered and walked out. Pulling out his phone he dialed a number.
“I need some shits cleaned up. No tracks, no traces. It total clean up. Meet me at the normal location”. He said on the phone and hung up.
Joshua and ASP Ochuko drove down to a law chamber in a bid to get a lawyer since according to the notification by the DPO the court first hearing do be the next Monday and they were already on Tuesday. Upon feeding the lawyer with all necessary informations the drove down to the lodge in search of witnesses as requested by the lawyer. When they arrived it was a awful sight to behold. It was a total massacre. Every single door was broken and every single person murdered.
“Damn it”. ASP Ochuko shouted in tears.
Joshua’s rushed down to one of the people he was quite close to in a bid to check on him.
“Don’t touch him”. ASP Ochuko shouted. “Do you want to seal their claim that you are the murderer?. He had stopped him t avoid his finger prints beeb left as tracks.
“Let’s get out of here”. He ordered and replaced his sun glasses.
Off they drove to report the new development to the lawyer. That no witness was found. Ater several thinking it occurred to Joshua that Rose was still in the hospital.
“Sir Rose is in the hospital, when could be in danger”. He broke out.
“That’s true. Barrister I think we still have one”. They rushed out and drove down to the hospital, ignoring greetings and interruptions, getting in there they met a stiff Rose.
It was obvious the death has not occurred too long. ASP Ochuko rushed to he nurse that had followed them to the ward.
“Who was the last person that saw this patient? It was a man that claimed to be her brother. Where is he? He said he wants to go and buy somethings for her that she is sleeping”. She responded.
“Damn it! Again they are a step ahead”. He said.
“Sergeant God’spower has sold me out”. He said and bounced off…

To be continued… Stay with us…

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