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Episode 9



All names, claims, events, institutions, and locations used therein are fictional and are not connected to the affected and there is no effort towards tarnishing the image of any institution or persons as any case of resemblance is a coincidence.


Leaving the hotel premises they drove down to Mary Martha’s Memorial Hospital to check on rose. Rose affirmed all that Joshua has narrated. 

“He is my saviour”. She said. 

“Well no problem just get well soon. Because you will be saving him some time soon”. Those were the words of ASP Ochuko as he tapped her shoulders softly and beckoned on Joshua for them to leave.

Back there in the police station, just as predicted it didn’t take long before a written command was sent to the Oleh Divisional Headquarters for the case of Arube Joshua to be forwarded to the State Police Headquarters, but just like a master planner ASP Ochuko was a step ahead the Inspector. In a bid to gather more evidences and witnesses, inspector Ochuko alongside Joshua made for Remm’s Lodge. As they drove down he decided to intimate Joshua and what their plans are and how he is going to go round the clock to ensure his righteousness is not put in the pit of unrighteous men. As they continued driving down the Old Olomoro Road, he noticed a SSS van racing down. At first he thought he was being chased tightening his grip on the wheels he set his focus on the road. But for some reasons instead of speeding up he stepped on the break pedal and the car slowed it pace. Voom! The car sped by, he stepped on the accelerate pedal to catch up, though maintaining some distance from the Van. The van got to Ozore Street and went in, it was evident they were after Joshua. ASP Ochuko slowly drove by not entering the street as he watched the van disperse force members in a rush.

Back there in the state media service,. a lot has happened. The early publication about the Governor’s son been involved in a robbery case has been withdrawn and changed to “The Governor’s Son was kidnapped and Murdered”. The social media was silent because its voice has not being strong enough. Many activist and reporters have sought for audience with the Governor or any member of his family but all has been declined. Only the press conference that the S.A to the governor on media and publicity held on behalf of the Governor disregarding and condemning the earlier news concerning the Governor’s son been involved in a robbery and initiating the news that the governor son was kidnapped at gun point and subsequently murdered. 

“It is so disheartening that with election coming up our enemies have decided to stain their hands with our blood and also to drag our name in that blood by killing the Governor’s son and claiming it was an armed robbery he went for. What a shame. Of what use would robbery be to a son of a Governor like that of the 5th most wealthiest states in the country. We hereby seek for the cooperation of the public and urge everyone to mourn with the first family of this state, for an injury to one is an injury to all.” Those were the words of the S.A to the Governor on Media and Publicity.  Also he took no questions from the press.

ASP Ochuko suspended his plans on searching for witnesses for that day to avoid arrest of Joshua. Driving back to his house he dropped Joshua indoors and shut the door then left for the station. Getting to the DPO’s office he saluted.

“Where have you been all day?” The DPO asked.

“Saving an innocent boy from the scorching evil hovering in the air”. He replied undeterred.

“You know it’s the Governor’s son we are talking about here”.  He said looking at him.

“Where was this Governor when I was framed and locked up? Where was he when my family was assassinated during my stay in the prison? Where was this Governor when my Son, and my pregnant wife were shut in the head by political things?” He barked at the DPO with tears dropping from his eyes. The DPO was shocked at the outbourst though all these things were facts he knew off. 

“Every time I swear to the grave of my pregnant wife and late son that never again will I witness injustice and let it slide. The Governor’s son came along with cultists to complete his initiation rites of raping and killing anyone one of his choice as a test of brutality and heartlessness before he could be accepted into the confraternity.” He intimated the DPO.

“I know you are one of his yes sir boys, but you see me I am not. I have lost this life I can’t be scared to loose it again. So Sir with all due respect don’t get on my way”. He said to the scared DPO and turned to leave the office when the DPO spoke up.

“I will intimate you when the court date is fixed”. He said.

“I do appreciate Sir”. He replied and continued on his way out.

The governor has sworn to bring Joshua to book, as revenge for his late son…

To be continued… Stay with us…

© Christopher Oghenewogaga Vantus





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