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Updates on the Einstein scholarship..


The Eistein forum in partnership with the Daimler and Benz foundation is offering young scientists abroad and in Germany the opportunity to research outside their discipline.

The objective of this is to help young universalist who have shown exception qualities in their discipline and have shown commitment in other disciplines.

Benefit of being a scholarship holder.

•This scholarship is linked to a stay in the Eisteinhaus in Caputh for about five to Six months. The Einsteinhaus is know for its architectural and scientific prowess.

•The scholarship holders have their travel expenses incurred and a prize of £10, 000..

However, the stay in Caputh would be in 2021 (for the current scholarship holder). All applications are duely acknowledged and remain valid, but the next award would take place in 2022.

Deadline:now extended to the15th of may, 2021. Kindly notify us if you’d prefer to withdraw.

Requirements for application:

Applicants must be under age 35 and have a Degree in humanities, social science or natural sciences.

Submit your CV and expose detailing the projects planned for under this grant, and two academic references.

Please note your CV and expose should both be in English.

During the stay, scholarship holders need to document their work as well as give lectures on forums.

Please note: this scholarship does not hope to finish works that have already begun.

The evaluation of works take place based on the feasibility, quality, and uniqueness of the project.

More Details And Application Here.


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