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APPLY NOW!!! UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Research Prize for Life Sciences.

The International Research Prize for Life Sciences- Equitorial Guinea, organized by UNESCO and funded by Equatorial Guinea, aims to further contribute to the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, and UNESCO’s Global Priorities, through rewarding annually, scientific researches of Individuals, Institutions, with the ability to improve humanity and its environment.
With huge potential to improve humanity now, and safeguard our future, through poverty eradication, environmental security, climate actions, improved healthcare systems, amongst others, Life Sciences has in times past given us the solutions to challenges and holds the answer to a better future.
The top three research will be laureates.
The sum of USD 350,000 will be divided equally amongst all three winners, to aide their research.
Certificates will be awarded to each winner.
The Integracion Tribal statuette by Equatorial Guinean artist, Leandro Mbomio, will be awarded to each winner.
Individual(s) or Institution(s) certified by:
Members of States in enquiries with each’s National commission;
Non-governmental organizations which are in partnership with UNESCO in Life Sciences;
PS: _Self-nominated applications will be considered void._
 A maximum of 5 Applicants can be certified per year by the above stated.
Applicants are mandated to register online, without which an entry is void.
A temporary password will be assigned to each applicant with which they can complete their online form.
Forms can only be completed in French or English.
Entry forms include the following:
Background Details of Applicants;
A detailed outline of the applicant’s research in tandem to the goals of the award;
Summary of applicant’s research;
  • Materials aiding this research
  • Example photos
  • Publications
  • Videos should also be submitted while completing the online application.
Applicants can submit their complete applications in the following ways:
  • Applicants can the proof of certification by an NGO and submit to the UNESCO Secretariat.
  • Applicants can also submit their application online through to a National Commission.
PS: Only officially certified applications would be accepted at UNESCO secretariat.
Apply Here.
More Information here.

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