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Science, Perceptions and International Trust Research


The British Council is commissioning an organisation or consultant to produce a research of high quality to address if and how science, perceptions and international trust engender attraction and international collaboration, and to what extent.

The opportunity is for a consultant or researcher to examine the interaction(s) between international trust and collaboration in higher education and science, international perceptions of the UK as a science superpower, building the conditions for cooperation, and the UK’s role in fostering domestic and international research talent flows.

The British Council require the following outputs from this study:
An approach to mapping international collaboration in science, international mobility of researchers and students, international perceptions of countries, and levels of international trust;
Innovative depictions of the relationships between these factors;
A report of about 10,000 words noting the role of science in a nation’s soft power;
A PowerPoint presentation to buttress the communication of research findings;
Communications content to elaborate global communication of main research findings (including tweetable content, press release content, summary findings for segmented audiences (including internal British Council, UK government, UK research sector, international research actors).

The report should clearly evidence recommendations including:
National systems which promote opportunities aimed at partnership development;
How international trust and attraction may be armed through international mobility and collaboration in science and research;
The viability of certain steps in certain conditions for international cooperation in HE and Science (and how to create these conditions);
Steps to aid capacity building, networks and partnerships in science and innovation in DAC-list countries;
Recommendations of ways by which the UK can promote research talent development and ensure sustained access to this international talent;
The function of cultural relations in supporting international science.

Researchers with experience in international collaboration and excellent knowledge in international higher education research are eligible to submit their proposals.

How to apply
Proposals should be sent to the British Council’s e-Tendering portal. You would have to open an account before you can apply.
After registration, you will be able to submit your proposal . The reference number for this opportunity is BC/01551.

All proposals must be submitted on or before Monday 4 January 2021 at 5pm (UK time).

More details and applications here.

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