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Prevent Epidemic Nigeria Award


Just like the rest of the world, Nigeria is wrestling with COVID-19 and journalists have taken the important role of providing public health updates, fighting against misinformation and making available entertainment to assist populace cope with the virus’s impact.

Nigerian media has demonstrated to be a worthy pull in coverage of issues around the COVID-19 pandemic, giving necessary information, building awareness about epidemics preparedness, raising knowledge about Nigeria’s epidemics readiness level and what can be done to be better and, transforming attitudes towards epidemics readiness.

It is our pleasure to announce the first #PreventEpidemicsNaija Journalism Award which tells to acknowledge journalists who have had influence by generation evidence-based and accurate reporting of epidemic preparedness in Nigeria

Criteria for Nomination

Broadcast and print media, journalists and social media controller are good in for nomination if they have written an article, generate a radio or television show or have written a social media post that meets the following agenda:

Length of submission
a. Written English articles of a minimum 650 words in total extents published in print or digital news platform
b. Radio/TV show that is 30 minutes or longer
c. Social media post of a minimum of 350 words in length-frequency
d. Print and Digital: Must have written and published 2 or more articles on the topics below.
e. TV and Radio: Must have brought up 2 or more shows on the issues below
f. Social Media: Must have published 3 or more posts on the topics below.

Nominated article, show or social media post should cover the following and must have been published or aired between the period of December 31, 2019, to December 31, 2020:

Budget and Funding: Articles that mirrored the amount of funding obtainable, funding gaps and suitable next steps.Awareness: Stories that build a diligent Citizenship for Health – increase community knowledge on infectious diseases while itemizing expected behaviours of citizens in demanding increased funding for epidemic preparedness.

Nomination Process

Awards nominations can be submitted online:

Readers, journalist media personnel’s or anyone interested such as civil society and academia may put in for nominations.

All relevant nomination must include the name of the nominee, confirmed details of the published article(s) or show(s), their media affiliation(s), the contact information (Email and phone number) of the nominee.

Nomination closes on Sunday, January 3, 2021.

Winners will be announced at an award ceremony on Friday, January 22, 2021.

More details and Application here


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