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Temidayo Precious

“Life experiences have shaped me to be who I am today”

Temidayo Precious, a student of the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti where she studies Geology. She is a lover of blue as her primary and secondary school uniforms where both blue.
She being an introvert, Temidayo preferred to be away from public activities and therefore didn’t engage in any activity during her secondary school days and even now as an undergraduate.
Temidayo has high hopes as she behaves her future is bright. In the next five years she would love to work as a geologist in an oil company.
Being a student comes with it’s different challenges and for Temidayo her most challenging experience in school is her time as a fresher. The hurdles of registration and getting acquainted to the new system wasn’t as easy as ABC.

For Temidayo, to thrive in this digital age one must not be idle. She believes having acquired a catering skill, the sky is her starting point in this era.
“Life experiences have shaped me to be who I am today and how I relate to people,” Temidayo says. She believes that whatever comes her way comes with lessons on how to be a better person.
She believes that being chosen would help her more through the networking opportunity it would provide her. Also, it would enable her to fulfil her desire to spread the good news of the Campus Community Network across all campuses in Nigeria.

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