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APPLY NOW!!!British Council; Future News Worldwide


APPLY NOW!!!British Council; Future News Worldwide


An international summit for the world’s best young media makers
What is Future News Worldwide?
Applications are now open for Future News Worldwide 2021.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this years Future News Worldwide conference will again be online. 2021’s theme is ‘Climate, COVID-19 and therefore the rise of disinformation: how journalism can best serve a world in crisis’.

Future News Worldwide may be a partnership programme between British Council and a few of the world’s leading media organisations. The aim is to support children to develop a good range of journalism skills and to determine the united kingdom as a worldwide leader within the nurturing of young journalists and media figures.

Each year we compile 100 of the world’s most talented, motivated and passionate student journalists to attend an intensive media training programme. Participants receive exclusive coaching from world-leading editors, broadcasters, writers and reporters, and see how publishers round the world are using technology to seek out stories and convey them to life like never before.


More Details And Application HERE

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