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Once upon my life, I did hear the creator say:

What a soldier he would have been..
But he never joined the army.
He did say tomorrow.
But like the rain in a December harmattan,
His omorrow never came.

What an inventor he would have been.
But the idea he never tried.
He do say tomorrow.
But like a letter to a wrong address,
His tomorrow never came

What a singer he could have been
Only if he had paid a visit to the studios.
He told himself tomorrow
But just like expecting the sun to set in the morning,
Tomorrow was unprepared to come.

So I cling unto wisdom and seeked after understanding.
Thus my eyes were opened and I realised that tomorrow is an illusion.
For every thing happen by chance under the sun.
Tomorrow is not certain to come for today is all you have.


Procrastination is a theif of time. And it takes away dreams.
Do it today; tomorrow might never come

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