Apply now!! 2022 Future For Nature Awards!

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Apply now!! 2022 Future For Nature Awards!

Are you a young (between 18 to 35 years old) and dedicated nature conservationist committed to protecting species of untamed animals and plants? does one combine passion with action to make concrete leads to nature conservation? Are you the longer term for nature?

Apply now for the 2022 Future For Nature Awards!

The application deadline is that the 1st of September 2021.
Have a glance at the appliance criteria to ascertain if you’re eligible to use for the 2022 FFN Awards.

Each year FFN awards three young, talented, and impressive nature conservationists with the FFN Award. This award provides the winners with international recognition, €50,000 for his or her nature conservation work, and a warm welcome to the growing FFN Family! Read more about the longer term For Nature Award or about previous Award Winners and their work.

We are looking forward to receiving your application, for any questions please be happy to contact us through



The Future For Nature Award may be a prestigious international award that celebrates tangible achievements in protecting wild animal and plant species.

The Future For Nature aims to:

Reward and fund individuals for his or her outstanding efforts within the protection of species of untamed animals and plantsStimulate Award winners to sustain their dedicated workHelp winners to boost their profile, extend their professional network and strengthen their funding basis

The winners each receive 50,000 euro and therefore the prestigious FFN Award. The winners may spend the cash at their own discretion within the service of nature conservation; in any case , they know better than anyone where the cash is most needed. Additionally, Future For Nature offers far more than one-off support .

Winning the FFN Award gives the winners international recognition for his or her work and opens doors that were previously closed.FFN offers the winners a platform and brings their stories to the eye of conservationists, financiers and a good audience, allowing them to extend their impact and gain more access to funds.We also give the (former) winners an additional stage via the longer term For Nature Academy. this is often an independently functioning committee, which is active in several Dutch cities for and by students with the aim of inspiring students to become active in nature conservation and to supply them resources like lectures, networking and workshops.FFN is building a growing Family of (previous) winners, dedicated people that form a community of like-minded people. FFN offers them the chance to satisfy one another and still learn with one another so as to continue their fight for nature as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Application Criteria

The following criteria must be met to be eligible to use and can be utilized in the choice procedure for the longer term For Nature Award winners.

The candidate:Must change state on or after the 31st May 1986 and before the 31st of May 2003.Has achieved substantial and long-term benefit to the conservation status of 1 or more animal or plant species.Has demonstrated commitment, determination, and keenness for conservation work.Has demonstrated leadership, entrepreneurship, and a transparent view on conservation work.Has been creative and innovative in his/her work.Has demonstrated to be honourable within the conservation work performed.Must be determined to continue his/her conservation work, because the Award aims to stimulate the winner’s future work. it’s not an “end of career” prize.Is able to elucidate his/her conservation add proficient English (written and spoken).The award should be used for a conservation initiative of the winner’s own choice and implemented by him/her.The award should be used for the conservation of animal or plant species. The conservation initiative can involve a component of (fundamental) research, but this could not be the most focus. The relevance of the proposed activities to species conservation and therefore the practical impact should be made clear.

Additional Remarks

Winners will present their work on the longer term For Nature Award event at Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands . The event will happen in May 2022. Travel and accommodation expenses are going to be covered by the longer term For Nature Foundation.Future For Nature won’t allow administrative deductions to be made or claimed by mother organisations.From all applications 6 to 10 nominees are going to be selected. These applicants are going to be asked to supply additional information (written info, photos, video), which can be wont to select the ultimate three Award.

Application and Selection Process FFN Award

June 2020

Step 1: A involve candidates is published on the longer term For Nature (FFN) website and Facebook page (June/July)

Step 2: After the deadline of submission (mid-September), the FFN Office sends all eligible applications to the National Selection Committee (NSC). Criteria for eligibility are often found on the appliance Criteria Page.

Step 3: The members of the NSC assess the applications of which 6 to 10 candidate nominees are selected.

Step 4: After approval by the Board the nominees are requested to supply further information (written information, photos, video, extended reference statements).

Step 5: the knowledge received from the nominees is shipped to the International Selection Committee (ISC). Each ISC member scores the candidates and provides a qualitative evaluation. ISC members also are entitled to oppose the nomination of a selected candidate.

Step 6: supported averaging the results of the ISC members the FFN Office ranks the candidates.

Step 7: The Board decides on the highest three candidates being eligible as a winner of the longer term For Nature Award. Subsequently, the longer term For Nature Office will communicate to the choice Committees and to all or any others concerned about the winners.

Note: just in case a member of 1 the choice Committees faces a conflict of interest regarding a nominee, he/she is omitted from evaluating this candidate.

WWF Education for Nature

The WWF Education for Nature programme offers Russell E. Train Fellowships to support individuals pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in conservation.

More Details And Application HERE


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