Apply Now For The Charity Entrepreneurship 2022 (Fully Funded and obtain The $ Grants Again)

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Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

Charity Entrepreneurship is an civil right organization


•Get access to CE’s 400-page Handbook on starting a charity and over 100 video lectures prepared by experienced founders.

•Master the elemental principles of managing high-impact organizations, including:

Work 8 hours each day developing relevant skills in real-world partner projects

Is your charity cost-effective? Prepare a Cost-effectiveness Analysis (CEA)

Where does one operate? Draft a Geographic Assessment Framework

•How does one begin implementation? Outline a One-year Plan

•What is your impact? Prepare a Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

•How much funding does one need? Draft a Budget

•How does one best fundraise? Prioritize potential funders

•How does one work together with your co-founder? Come up with a Founders’ Agreement to facilitate your collaboration

And many more



•Monitoring and Evaluation

•Fundraising and Operations



Learn from the best:

Hear from experts who have excelled within the nonprofit world as they share their perspectives on entrepreneurship, give advice, and supply valuable feedback. Previously, our guest speakers and mentors have included:

Graduate from the program with:

•A co-founder

•A high-quality charity idea and plan for implementation

•A robust funding proposal

•A seed grant (not guaranteed for everybody , but on the average , a minimum of 50% of co-founder pairings receive funding).

•And the arrogance , network, and commitment to launch.

•Receive extensive group and individual feedback, ready-made templates (e.g., sample budgets, one-year plans), and one-on-one discussions about your progress.

Participate during a streamlined co-founder and charity idea selection process by:

•Providing weekly feedback on your project partners and preferred ideas

•Meeting with senior staff members for 1:1 mentoring

•Enjoying individual social calls with all potential co-founders

•Having constant access to a highly-qualified research team

•Joining a network of previous founders that are happy to share experience and advice

•Getting final pairing advice from senior staff members to assist you discover the simplest fit.

•If you learn that starting a charity immediately isn’t for you, we’ll provide continued mentoring, career advice, and connections to figure opportunities within our and therefore the wider EA network. We are ready to offer stipends to the few participants who don’t immediately find a replacement opportunity.



Gain the invaluable hands-on experience of becoming an entrepreneur and hone your team and management skills on a high-impact project.

•HAVE an enormous IMPACT

Directly save and improve lives at scale. We estimated the typical alumni’s impact as like donating $200,000/yr to effective charities.


Move resources and a spotlight towards important problems and demonstrate the potential of cost-effective and evidence-based interventions.


You can apply with one among two goals:
a) to start out one among our top charity ideas (highly encouraged).

b) To develop and launch your own nonprofit idea, if it’s as, or maybe more, promising.

We will soon open applications for 2 programs:

•Summer 2022 – runs from late June to late August 2022 (8 hours each day , 7 weeks online + 1 week face to face in London).

•Winter 2023 – runs from early February to late March 2023 (8 hours each day , 7 weeks online + 1 week face to face – location TBA).

We will hold multiple application rounds, but we encourage you to use early:

•Round 1 (starts December 2021)

•Round 2 (starts March 2022)

•Round 3 (starts September 2022)

Our application process is meant to assist you opt if charity entrepreneurship is true for you. It’s always possible that you simply may need a good more impactful career option. We’re most curious about your values, your work ethic, and your potential for fulfillment . We’ve become excellent at spotting diamonds, and that we won’t waste some time .


If you’re accepted, we’ll provide background reading and host casual weekly meetups beginning 1-2 months before kickoff. That way, you’ll learn the idea at your own pace and begin to satisfy your fellow budding founders.

STEP 2: steel oneself against THE PROGRAM


Our training is split into two stages:

•Month 1 is all about matching with a co-founder and a charity idea. you’ll spend most of some time working with project partners on practical challenges. Explore different working styles and test compatibility, values, and epistemics. Deeply engage during a sort of real-world tasks and charity ideas.

•Month 2 is about working together with your new partner to create your charity: early pilots, monitoring and evaluation strategy, and even your brand. Together, you’ll craft and submit a true proposal for funding and obtain able to launch. We don’t just teach you about starting a charity, we confirm you’ve got the tools and confidence to truly roll in the hay .

Stipends are provided to those in need, and transportation costs are covered for those that can travel for the week face to face


Our Board of Directors and network of funders evaluate the teams and their project proposals. Then, they award seed funding to launch successful projects, with grants starting from $50,000 to $175,000. In 2021, new CE charities received seed funding of over $500,000 in total.

If you don’t seek or receive start-up funding, our diary for connecting non-founder participants to research grants, related jobs, and other pathways to impact is near 100%. (Moreover, we are ready to offer stipends to the few participants who don’t immediately find a replacement opportunity).


After launching, you’ll still receive ongoing operational support, one-on-one mentorship, and access to a strong worldwide network of experts, funders, and skilled employees. We still evaluate your measurable impact over time, coaching you and championing your success.


Our application process comprises 5 stages. The further you get, the longer we’ll ask you to take a position .

    (~30 minutes)

You will fill out an form and submit a resume.

we’ll only contact you if you qualify for the second round – Test Task 1.

    (~30 minutes)

In the interview, you’ll be asked general and situational questions relevant to founding charities.

    (~30 minutes)

This is a deeper interview. Questions will specialise in handling evidence, cause selection, and impact.

  1. TEST TASK 1
    (~2-3 hours)

You will tend two short test projects to be completed in ~2-3 hours and returned within a couple of days.

  1. TEST TASK 2
    (~2-3 hours)

You will submit a test project and references within a couple of days.

•You can complete the written application in but half-hour . Our entire recruitment process typically takes fewer than 10 hours for the applicant and ~1 month for us to finish . Along the way, we’ll assess your fit charity entrepreneurship and assist you weigh your other options and pathways to impact.

•We are only ready to contact applicants who are moving forward to the second stage of the recruitment process. If we’ve not contacted you within four weeks of the appliance deadline, unfortunately you’ve got not been accepted to the program (but you’re liberal to apply next year).

•You are going to be informed whether you’ve got been selected in February 2022 (first application round) or April 2022 (second application round). We expect to simply accept between ten and twenty attendees per program.

•Commitment to diversity and equal opportunities
We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to use . We especially encourage applications from people of color, women, and non-binary individuals who are excited about contributing to our mission. Charity Entrepreneurship is an civil right organization. If you would like assistance or accommodations thanks to a disability, or have the other related questions on applying, please contact us at


This is a neighborhood of our “What it really takes to found a high-impact charity” keynote talk Joey Savoie gave at EA Global: London 2021! Watch the entire talk.

Fact Are;

•~50% of our most successful founders from previous years didn’t even think they ought to apply. Don’t doubt your potential.

•The base traits that make an honest charity entrepreneur include grit, intelligence, resourcefulness, attention on outcomes, and commitment to creating a true difference.

•Nobody comes onto the program qualified to start out a charity. That’s what the course is for!

•For most of the people , the highest-impact time to start out a charity is true now.

•We accept candidates of all ages from a good range of backgrounds.

•Experience is useful but not necessary. We train people with over a decade of experience alongside those with little to no work experience or formal education.

Applications are now hospitable our Incubation Programs!
This application round, you’ll apply to participate in one among our two online programs:

•Summer 2022 (late June – late August 2022, with one week face to face in London).

•Winter 2023 (early February – late March 2023, with one week face to face – location TBA).

Submit your application by January 16, 2022.

To learn about the charity ideas we expect to launch through our 2022 Summer program, attend our top ideas section. the highest ideas for the Winter program are going to be announced in late summer. you’ll learn more about the program below.

Prepare to start out an efficient charity with our two-month online program. It’s a full-time, cost-covered, intensive training designed by founders for founders.

Our instructors will guide you thru the foremost important decisions and assist you with the simplest charity and co-founder match.

Explore the critical components of evidence-based charities. Learn prioritization, impact analysis, cost-effectiveness, gathering support, management, and fundraising in real-world partner projects. Gain clarity, build your confidence, and network.

Apply Here

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