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Gender is a globular photography competition hosted by Global Health 50/50. The second phase of it, this year, where we are inviting photographers to share their view of what gender is all about and to tender photographs that analyse the different ways in which gender tradition – fixed and fluid, traditionary and progressive – are operated and perverted by men, women and genderqueer people.

The COVID-19 epidemic held a view up to society and divulged our relationship to our environments, individual and the systems in which we operate. At the same time, it exposed existing social fractures and unfairness. As borders shut down and our gaze was inwardly turned, it has both annoying pervasive and restrictive idea of gender responsibility and engendered transformations in the gendered settings.

During the period of this globular convulsion, the lives of the people are changed in different ways. It is more significant than ever to make and distribute the imagery that reflects the different fact of gender.
It is advisable for photographers to participate in enlarging the imagery associated with the terms “gender” by scrutinizing, for instance,

  1. the process through which the landscape of work – domestic, professional care or otherwise – is gendered
  2. the way in which gender interrelate with health and wellbeing.
  3. the way commercial and politics companies explain gender responsibilities and the problem they faced.
  4. the way gender intermingle with aspects of identities and susceptibilities.

We have a passionate interest, in works that explain these topics in the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic.

Every photojournalistic and photographic style are welcome and photographers from various countries are encouraged to show up. The Winners will be announced by a committee of experts in photography, visual culture, globular health and gender health.

First place and secondary category will receive £500 cash
There will be Global exposure across our outlet, media partnerships and our well recognized yearly report. There will be an opportunity to have your work featured in a curated exhibition (probably online if Covid19 dictates)
Also an opportunity to join our global photographer database and connect with organisations and individuals seeking imagery to support their work in the development of global health.
GH5050 certificate for the outstanding depiction of gender.

The individual contestant should submit anything not more than two images per submission (the entrants can submit up to three times) which should be attached with the following items;

A summary of the importance of the image to the themes of the photo contest
The time and the place the photo is taken
A short biography of the artist
In accepting the fact of these Terms and Conditions
Kindly read the terms and conditions in the link carefully before completing the entry.

Deadline for submission: 3rd January 2021

More details and application here.

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