Apply now; Georgetown University Law Center Leadership & Advocacy for Women in Africa Fellowship Program (LAWA).

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Georgetown University Law Center
Leadership & Advocacy for Women in Africa Fellowship Program (LAWA).
Application for 2021-2022 Fellowship Year.

Completed applications should be sent to by Friday, January 22, 2021.

2. This application must be filled out on a computer.
3. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.
4. This application and all letters of references must be in English.
Acceptance into the LAWA Program will be evaluated based on the applicant’s ability to work with the instructions listed in this application. You are advised to follow every instruction if you want to be considered.

The Leadership & Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA) Fellowship Program was founded in 1993 at the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC, and it was focused on training women’s rights lawyers and activists of African origin who are committed to returning to their land to advance the status of women and girls with their experience.
The program is approximately 14 months long, it lasts from July of the first year of acceptance through late August of the following year of graduation. The LAWA Program starts in early July, from August till May. scholars acquire a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree international women’s human rights, at Georgetown. Fellows will also participate in career development seminars and networking events with U.S. law school graduates working in the field of women’s rights. After graduation, the LAWA Fellows can choose to complete an internship, although not every fellow finds an appropriate internship placement.
The LAWA Program helps cuts (and pays for) the costs for candidates unable to afford an LL.M. degree and additional professional development training. The Fellowship pays the tuition for the Foundations of American Law and Legal Education courses held from mid-July to mid-August and also the Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from the Georgetown University Law Center, benefiting them $5000 and $66,872 respectively.


1. Selected candidates will be required to pay for their visas, travel, accommodation, food, clothing, and health insurance, etc.). Be able to prove to the U.S. Embassy for visa purposes that they have the total amount of funds in covering these expenses at the time of their visa application. This totals U.S. $30,000. These costs are lower for those that can reside with a family in the Washington, DC area. At least $8,000 is for living expenses. For the summer internship portion, students are to present about $2,232 each month, for internship period of 2 to 3 months.
2. Candidates are encouraged to apply for individual funding, otherwise seek support from their employers to bear the costs. This program does not have the ability to assist with these efforts. A fellowship available from AAUW in the amount of $18,000 is available and the application can be found here You are encouraged to carefully read and comply with every requirement the application presents, incorrect applications will not be considered. Also note as a requirement, AAUW requires you to submit a TOEFEL score.
3. You must be a women’s human rights lawyer from Africa to be taken in for consideration. Must hold an LL.B. or any other law degree.
A preference is given to candidates who:
a. are currently based in Africa, and
b. do not already have a Master’s Degree.
The strongest applicants are mostly about five to ten years out of law school. Nonetheless, those with less or more experience will be considered. Candidates with no work experience applying directly from an LL.B. degree or another law school will not be considered.
Men and women with a commitment to women’s rights are encouraged to apply.
As a requirement of participation in the LAWA Program, applicants are to show eagerness in returning to their home countries after the program, and to use their professional skills to advance women’s human rights throughout their careers.
4. Possession of solid English language skills, written and oral. Language problems have been a major roadblock to the success of LAWA candidates.

The LAWA Program requires candidates to be skillful in using computers for paper drafting and research conducting. It is best to be computer literate before application and arrival to make this learning easier. And candidates are advised to learn to type with speed for effective not taking.
Candidates are advised to prepare to enter a very demanding course of study. LAWA scholars take four compulsory courses and some elective courses over the course of the two semesters. Each class requires advance preparation and intensive studying.
Fellows are to produce a Masters Thesis no fewer than 40 pages, with several drafts of intense research on display. Successful completion of the program requires high level of focus and attention and hard work, do not apply if you will not be committed to your studies.
On application, kindly submit;
1. A complete application form, and all three essay questions.
2. CV, indicating;

i. Employment history; showing paid and volunteered positions. The name of your employer and location of employment (city, country). Dates of your employment (start and end dates). Description of your work for each position you held.
ii. Educational qualifications, including names and locations of the institutions, dates attended, degrees awarded, your class rank and number of students, and your participation in any extracurricular activities.
iii. Titles of published materials or significant research papers.
iv. Any special honors, awards, scholarships, or fellowships.
v. Membership in any organizations and community activities you have participated in, including any leadership roles.

3. Two Letters of Confidence from good acquaintances of yours, your commitment to advancing womens human rights in your country, your legal abilities, and your work. At least one reference should be someone willing to assist you professionally when you return to your country. Recommendations should make accurate reference to your skills and knowledge. Kindly desist from submitting references attesting to your good character or condition and duration of service. Letters of recommendation can be scanned and sent as e-mail attachments with the rest of your application materials.

Transcript from the institution granting your law degree:
Due to COVID-19 protocols, a scanned copy of your unofficial transcript with your application will be accepted and considered.
If you are offered an interview, arrangement to have a hard copy your official, sealed law school transcript(s) must be sent to:
Graduate Admissions Georgetown University Law Center 600 New Jersey Avenue NW, Room 589 Washington, DC 20001.
Emails directly from your institution are not sufficient. An original copy of your transcript is to be mailed from your institution to the address above directly. We understand that this will cost you some expenses, but its unavoidable. An explanation of the grading and ranking system is also required. Transcripts will not be returned to you. Every year, deserving candidates are often denied a place in the program because did not receive their official transcripts. Please make sure that you comply with every requirement and have your transcript sent in once you are offered an interview.

If you applied in previous years, there is no need for you to re-send your transcript, only your revised application form should be submitted along with your updated resume, and updated recommendations.

Send in your completed application to by Friday, January 22, 2021.
Separate application to Georgetown is not needed.
Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more clarity. If you could not get the answers you need on our website, feel free to send in an email to Regular email check from February 1st 2021 is important to see if you have been selected for an interview! If you are on travel make sure you have someone constantly checking for you. Another candidate will be selected to interview if we do not receive a response from you, leading to your loss. APPLICTIONS MUST BE TYPED AND SUBMITTED ENTIRELY IN ENGLISH.

Visit here for application and more details; Here

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