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The UNODC DAPC grants programme is launching a involve Proposals with the aim of funding not-for-profit organisations working within the area of substance use prevention whose projects are aimed toward implementing evidence-based substance use prevention programs for and with youth. Applicants from low- and middle-income countries are eligible for grant awards of USD 10,000 to USD 17,000.

Please note that the complete description of the eligibility and selection criteria are often found within the official involve Proposals.


The DAPC grant funding under this involve Proposals are going to be awarded projects that:

•Are focused on evidence-based prevention of substance use. this is often assessed on the idea of how well the project activities are in line with the kinds of interventions and policies found to be effective in preventing substance use supported the available scientific evidence, as outlined within the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention;

•Are targeting young persons under the age of 15 and implemented during a developmentally appropriate way;

•Support the active participation of youth in their communities. Proposals should demonstrate youth as active agents in effective substance use prevention, including meaningful involvement within the development, dissemination, and implementation process of evidence-based substance use programs; and connect youth to the activities of the UNODC Youth Initiative.

•Proposed activities and interventions will got to be supported by available evidence. it’s important to notice that sports and similar activities alone aren’t considered prevention, but might be used as settings for prevention activities that include other evidence-based interventions like life skills training. Similarly, the only provision of data or awareness-raising alone isn’t considered to be effective in preventing substance use.

•On the opposite hand, programmes that support the expansion of age-appropriate personal and social skills and development via a series of structured and interactive sessions are found to be effective in preventing substance use. Similarly, supporting school participation, positive school culture, or providing support to families and youngsters , also are good samples of evidence-based practices.

•Please ask UNODC/WHO International Standards on Drug Use Prevention for more information regarding interventions and approaches that are found to be effective and are eligible for funding.


•Applicants should be non-for-profit organisations registered for not but two (2) years under the relevant Laws of the country where it’s registered.

• they ought to have relevant prior experience in substance use prevention, health promotion, youth empowerment, or other related fields.

•Furthermore, applicants should have the needed capability to financially manage and administer the grant.

The Way To APPLY
This involve Proposals takes a phased approach.

•Interested applicants are to first submit an idea note which can be evaluated supported a selected set of criteria.

•UNODC will review the concept notes and choose applicants who are going to be invited to submit full project proposals.

•Selected applicants are going to be contacted separately with additional instructions, including necessary application forms.

Please note that shortlisted applicants are going to be required to register at the UN Partner Portal.

•Interested applicants should submit the Concept Note form (Annex 1), and therefore the signed copy of the Self-assessment of Eligibility (Annex 2) by email to, marked ‘DAPC Grant 2022’ within the subject line.

The deadline for the submission of concept notes is 31 January 2022, 23:59 (Central European Time, UTC+1h).


•In general, DAPC grantees are going to be required to regularly submit reporting (narrative and financial) on the project’s progress upon request. Information provided will form the idea of reports (including photographs) submitted by UNODC to the donor, the substance abuse Prevention Centre (DAPC), on the grantee organisations and therefore the activities supported by the DAPC grant.

•Grantees also will got to collect and keep readily accessible information and documentation on the project progress and use made from the funding, including records of expenditures (e.g., invoices, purchase orders, payroll records), for a period of three (3) years following the completion of activities.

•Please ask the decision for Proposals for more information on the scope of funded projects, eligibility of applicants, and other important information.

Please ask the subsequent Annexes required for submission as Phase 1 of the choice process.

Annex 1 – Concept Note Application Form;
Annex 2 – Self-assessment

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