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Wheelwright Prize is now accepting applications

Wheelwright Prize 2022

The Wheelwright Prize is an open international competition that awards 100,000 USD to a talented early-career architect to support new sorts of architectural research. The annual prize is devoted to fostering expansive, intensive design research that shows potential to form a big impact on architectural discourse. We seek individual applicants who are accomplished but emerging, who are resourceful and risk-taking, and who can make the foremost of this extraordinary opportunity to advance a search project which will have a big impact on his or her own professional development, and potentially on the discipline of architecture as an entire .

Applicants must have received a degree from an accredited professional architecture program within the past 15 years (2007 or later). For complete eligibility requirements, applicants should review carefully the wants included on the Wheelwright Prize website.


The application process is entirely online. No submissions are going to be accepted by mail. The 2022 Wheelwright Prize is now accepting applications. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, January 30, 2022.

-Current CV.
Portfolio (maximum of 10 images); each uploaded file should contain one image, not spreads of multiple images. Each image must be dated and captioned. The jury is trying to find personal work that demonstrates design talent; student projects could also be included. If work is collaborative and/or generated by a firm, the applicant’s contribution to the work must specifically involve conceptual development and/or design, and therefore the applicant’s role must be precisely identified.

-The portfolio could also be supplemented by published articles or research papers written by applicant. Authored works should appear in their original format, with publication name and date clearly indicated (maximum 3, each clipping to be saved as a separate PDF). If original publication isn’t in English, please attach an English-language summary (maximum 2,500 characters) as an addendum to every PDF. If the clipping exceeds 15 pages, please create a compact PDF (no quite 10 pages) including a canopy , sample pages, and brief summary (2,500 characters) of the text.

-A written description of proposed scientific research (maximum 6,000 characters). Applicants should articulate the relevance of their proposed research to the contemporary discipline of architecture. What are the results of the research project? How might it impact practice? Applicants should describe their proposed methodology and special insight, ability, and skill to execute your proposal. Strong proposals will demonstrate how the resources of the Wheelwright Prize will enable the project to achieve success .

-List of three professional references (full name, affiliation, contact information, and relationship to the applicant). Letters aren’t required at this point .

-The Wheelwright Prize is hospitable early-career architects based anywhere within the world.
-Applicant must have graduated from a professionally accredited architecture course of study within the past 15 years. (For the 2022 cycle: Graduates before January 2007 are ineligible.) \

-Holders of multiple degrees may apply, provided they received their professional degrees between January 2007 and January 2022. Applicants needn’t be registered or licensed.
-Applicants might not have received the Arthur Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship previously.
-Winners of the Wheelwright Prize might not hold other fellowships concurrently.
-The Wheelwright Prize is out there to individual entrants only; teams or firms won’t be considered.
-Current Harvard GSD faculty, instructors, and staff aren’t eligible.
-For winners based within the us , some amount of research must be undertaken outside the country.
-The Wheelwright Prize is meant for independent study and should not be applied to college tuition. However, the -grant could also be applied to fees for workshops and conferences.

Deadline: January 30, 2022




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