Bangladesh medical education baseline research grant

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Bangladesh medical education baseline research grant

There is a government campaign in Bangladesh to professionalise and upskill their health region and there is a recourse for the UK to assist this agenda.  There may be other local preference locales for Bangladesh, where the quality and mastery of the UK higher education, research and skills areas could improve profitable and mutually beneficial partnerships.

This grant will finance research which gears toward

  1. Broadening our knowledge of Bangladesh’s national policies, regulations, priorities and challenges regarding education partnerships and exchanges in the medical education area through a Bangladesh medical education geography survey;
  2. Creating a confirmation base of the range and depth of existing government-to-government, institution-to-institution relations in the medical education sector between Bangladesh and the UK and other countries, and evaluate how these exchanges are promoting equity and inclusion in medical education, and assisting in building the capacity and capability of the medical education sector in Bangladesh;
  3. Identifying the stakeholders’ engagement in medical education as well as, government, professional associations, NGOs, private, local and international, in conjunction with the roles they play;
  4. Recognising strengths and weaknesses of existing medical education systems;
  5. Identifying gaps in an educational capacity and delivering projections of when Bangladesh will be able to meet WHO workforce consistency guidelines and UHC metrics if action is taken;
  6. Identify gaps in standards and accreditation in nursing education about the standards required in the UK;
  7. Recognising more gaps which might impede the mobility of professionals to the UK, e.g. English language.

The successful applicant will produce an article with recommendations and guidlines to improve Bangladeshi medical education systems. The article must be able to:
enhance the quality of medical education in Bangladesh;
expand capacity in medical education in Bangladesh;
aid the campaign to deliver universal health coverage;
pave way for eventual recruitment of nursing staff to the UK with acceptable qualifications.

All applicants must:
1. Read the Call guidelines which are accessible from the Downloads section
2. Complete all supporting documents that are also made available from the Downloads section below
3. Submit your completed application form and all other supporting documents to

All applications must be submitted by Sunday 17 January 2021 at 5 pm (UK time).

Call guidelines
(Adobe PDF 170KB)
Annexe 1 – application form
(Microsoft Word 3MB)
Annexe 2 – budget form
(Microsoft Excel 29KB)
Annexe 3 – concept note
(Microsoft Word 60KB)
Annexe 4 – terms of the grant agreement
(Adobe PDF 200KB)

More details and Application here.

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