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Basic Guide To Blogging

As you start reading this post, just imaging yourself that you’re already in a situation where you keep on earning more and money without doing anything hard or even without doing anything work again self.

And to even shock you the more, imagine that when you’re at sleep this earning income alert now even coming in double self and this is not ritual or scamming related.

And yes, all these I said is possible – And yes again, this is the power of blogging business and blogging in the right ways.

Result here prove that people Making fortune of earning [Income] doing blogging business

And research here shows that this high figure of U.S are now doing blogging business and are making great living from it.

Shall I show you how?

Now, read on to discover how you can also tap the power of blogging business to strongly improve your financial life today and henceforth

But briefly, this post is for you, if you belong to this category
– if you’re facing with unemployment issue or dealing with an underpaid job.
– if you’re desperately thirsty or wanting to overcome this annoying and frustrating harsh economy saga.
– if you want to overcome financial difficulties
– if you want to enjoy the work from home rich (passive income) or anywhere you want (Remotely).

Well, in this article, I’ll be talking about the extensive meaning of Blogging, its origin and history, advantage and disadvantage, how to and so on.

Table of Content

1.0  Extensive Definition/ Explanation
2.1 Origination 
3.0 The Rise/Transition of [Term/Concept].
4.0 Location 
5.0 Examples and or Type
6.0 How it can be done 
7.0 Terms of known
8.0 Conclusion

Now, let’s begin in proper.

1.0 Definition

Blogging is a way of sharing your passion [ideas]  to the world. It allows you to build your online authority while connecting to the world.
However, niche matter when it comes to blogging.

While the person who blog or who’s doing the blogging work is known as blogger, the person who write content that they post on blogging platform serially is known as “freelance blogger.”

2.0 Origination

The blogging world has been in existence since the eruption of internet world and many has find success doing blogging business.

3.0 The Rise of The Blogging World

Truthfully, there has been a rapid increase in the rate at which people do the Blogging business/work in this Era that we’re.

These research data and fact here still proving this to us

Blogging Platform Stats

Blogging Growth Stats


4.0 Location

Like all other gig economy job. Blogging job or businesses can also be done anytime and anywhere you’re (remotely).

5.0 Examples and Type of Blogging

  • Personal Blog
  • Business Blogs
  • Niche blogs
  • Affiliate Blog
  • eCommerce blog and so on..

6.0 Advantage

A blogging career is also with its own great benefit that cannot be underrated at all.

However, we’ll just look into a few of them here for your awareness.

  • Opportunity to share your passion
  • Opportunity to build your online authority
  • Opportunity to connect with people around the world
  • As a source of lifetime revenue (Passing Income)
  • As a content marketing means for company
  • Work from home life and so on

Here are some factors that contributes massively to this cause.

  • Economy Meltdown: After this event people lose job and even companies do not have enough resources to accommodate more and more workers as it ought to be and as a result of this many resolve back to the Blogging business/ work for their standard daily living means and are doing well till date.
  • The fast growing Digital Technology World: This means such as App, websites, telecommunications industry/sector, Mobile technology and so on. The easy of performing technical Blogging business on this tools and devices mentioned above led massive number of people to also dive into this Blogging business/work for passive income and at the comfort of their own home.
  • The Advent Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic. The event that causes people to stay at home which directly and indirectly exposes more and more people to reason Blogging business ecosphere and even companies can’t do without Blogging these days because of their content marketing success for their company.

All the above-outlined factors immensely contribute to the growth of this Blogging business/ work ecosphere these days.

6.1 Disadvantage

To everything that has an advantage also presented it’s disadvantage.

  • It requires Patience to start earning greatly when blogging career.
  • You must have a passion for writing if you want to be successful doing blogging business.
  • You’ve to master some skills; Technical and writing skills.
  • You need to first do serious investment and so on.

6.0 How it can be done

If you really don’t want to have an issue doing blogging business or get frustrated with your blogging career and suddenly quite with heartbroken along the way.

Then you need to properly learn blogging career and the business model of the blogging world.

See Direction and More Details Here.

Well, on the other hands, there’s no specific root to how Blogging work can be done.

This is simply because the job varies.

However, there are some steps you need to take if you’re a newbie in this or not but really wants to be successful in this kind of work with no fatal experience

Step 1: Get Proper Training on this: This is the first thing first. See Direction and More Details Here.

Step 2: Pick a Niche: You need to be specialized.

Step 3: Do an internship: You need to get practical experience on this to allow you to build a sellable and qualified portfolio that wins you, good-paying clients.

Step 4: Valuable Credentials: As an addition- get necessary documents such as EXPERT CERTIFICATION, a practical working experience like internship Doc, etc.

Step 4: Brand Yourself

Step 5: Market/Promote yourself and so on

8.0 Analyzing [Term/Concept] With Your Daily Office Routine Job

Now, think it’s high time we do compare and contrast between these two classes of job/ work nature to actually confirmed yourself if the long mentioning internet business/ job pays more than any other work these Era we’re.

  • Blogging can be done online while office’s daily routine job is partially online but majority are done offline.
  • Blogging can be carried out/ perform right in your own home or anywhere you want (Remotely) while office daily routine job is strictly in your company’s premises.
  • For The Blogging you’re your Own Boss but with daily routine office job, you’re always mostly working for someone (Employed).
  • For The Blogging You’ll Enjoy More Freedom and Flexibility in Your Life with the Gig work you’ve at hand to do but with daily routine office job you’re almost always under your boss or company’s management pressure.
  • For The Blogging you’ve the chances of Spending More Time With Your Family and Friends but otherwise is the case for the daily routine office job.
  • For The Blogging you’ve the grace to Run Your Own Business Successfully, and on Your Own Term and condition but almost always under your boss or company’s management pressure for the daily office routine job.
  • For The Blogging can help you Upgrade Your Skill Set, Generate Lifetime Paying Clients (Unending Income) and Offer Clients More Stress Free Services but reverse is the case for the daily routine office job you’re doing.
  • For The Blogging You’ve opportunity to earn more money for each hours, minutes or on a daily basis but with your daily office routine job, your payment is fixed.
  • With Blogging you can work in your own pyjamas (PJS/convenient dressing but with your daily office routine job, dressing code is always given.
  • For The Blogging Set Your Own Schedule and Many More Goodies to enjoy but you cannot do this with your daily office routine job you’re doing.

9.0 Conclusion


How often do you evaluate your financial life and you get surprises and delights? How often do you really inspire by your financial improving life?

Life is too short for monotonous/weird financial life. Life is too short for wishy- washy financial improving desire, Life is too short to regurgitate money making ideas/tips without putting to action.

It’s time to make changes, improve your financial life and start enjoying fulfilment life without limit as well.

Come on. Dare to be that imagining person generating more money on a daily basis without working hard or even while you’re sleeping

Let your financial improvement life sparkle, shimmer, sing, swing, swirl, shock, and sizzle.

You’re the financial freedom your family and the world at large await for.

Get ready to spark change for infinity financial improvement life henceforth.

Now, that you’ve come to the end of this guide post, don’t forget the takeaway this post contents offers you – that one of way for you to surmount over this annoying and frustrating harsh economy with its unbearable unemployment saga is to do Blogging Business/ work Also,

And all encompasses rundown basic details you needed to succeed this and get familiar with it has been shared in this post contents starting from its extensive explanation, to the rise of Blogging Business/ Work, to its pros and cons, How to getting started with it and till Comparison and contrast with daily stress office routine job.

So, now that you’ve been given the key to this success, the ball is now in your court – Go ahead right now and start thriving well in this pandemic economy or you want to gamble it again?

About getting started, Hit Here.

See you at the top

Note: Please bear in mind that this guide only covers the basic. It will only help you get familiar with this treated topic this way.

But, if you want to take it to the next level and learn some of the proven and legitimate expert secrets of earning passive income from this bloggingg career or blogging business; Then, you should take action on this  Wealth Cracking program Now

Don’t! Again, don’t forget we love providing you with up-to-date content information across all our platforms, just to ensure you’re always current .

To this end, we strongly advise you should always give a check-back on any of our platform contents you’ve read before should incase something new already added to it for freshness and accuracy as you know nothing constant in life. We love you. Cheers.

Kehinde Abiola have been a certified Google digital marketer, a pro blogger and a KICK-ASS Freelance Wizard for years. He’s on a mission to help individual make sustainable income doing legitimate works online and business owner improve their profit making. He’s the publisher and team lead at CCN. He’s the author of different training material at notable places including CCN. He’s the Web manager [Adim] and content producer at SOJWORLDNEWS to mention a few.

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