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It is quite sad to find engineering students that gets carried away only by the classroom activities that they pay little or no attention to opportunities that surrounds them. This article in a bid to educate students and the general public on the need to get involved in other value adding activities out there, this article seeks to speak on some opportunities, courses and skills that surrounds us.
This break gives us opportunities to get involved some of this opportunities without posing threats on our CGPA as it may have during school sessions.
Below are some value adding activities to look out for:
♻Online Courses: There are lots of courses that we can have access to online. Partaking in online courses gives you opportunities to learn new courses and subsequently help us create an all round CV.
♻Voluntary Work: Many firms and companies accepts volunteer worker whom are interested in getting experience. Most times these firms don’t pay but the experience and recommendations would pay off in a long time.
♻Skills Acquisition: There are many skills related and not related to your field that you could get involved in. For example for metallurgical and materials engineering students it would be advisable to learn skills like welding and fabrication and other related skills. These and many more.
This and many more some things we could get involved in to improve ourselves and develop skills for future opportunities. Coding and programming are other skills we could learn.

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