Birthday Celebrants

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AMOO, Olusegun Abraham

Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Birthday: October 22
Location: Abuja
Marital status: Single
Religion: Christianity
Occupation: Student

Businesses for promotion: Poetry; copywriting

Likes: Painting, studying, honesty and being realistic

Dislikes: hypocrisy

Favourite colour: Green

Song/ music: Gospel / Afrobeat

Food: Beans and beans product foods.

Course: All writing courses

Clothes: Native and formal

A shout out to everyone striving to change the world positively in all walks of life.

Role model: None

Social handles:

  • Twitter: @mrHaybee
  • Facebook: Olusegun Abraham Amoo

Bamigboye Oluwatomisin Deborah

Gender: female
Nationality: Nigerian
Birth month and day: August 11
Location: Ekiti state
Marital status: single
Religion: Christianity
Occupation: Student

Likes: Reading, writing, watching movies
Dislikes: Dishonesty, being biased.
Favourite colour: Black
Favourite song: any song that appeals to me. I really don’t have a favourite song
Favourite course: All of my media courses

Best food: Rice
Shout out: To everybody striving to be a better version of themselves. We can do it ✊
Role model: Jesus😁
Social media handles: Oluwatomisin Bamigboye on all social media

Akinyode Femi Abiodun

Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigeria
Birth Day: December, 24
Location: Abuja
Marital status: Single
Religion: Christianity
Occupation: Airtime, data,Dstv,GOtv and startimes subscription and other Cyber activities.
Favorite color: Blue (Navy)
Facebook: Akinyode Oluwafemi Prudent
IG: donphemzyh64
Role model: Jeff Bezoz

Emmanuel Inalegwu Anjenu

Gender – Male

Nationality – Nigerian

Birthday – Oct 30

Location – Abuja

Marital Status – Single

Religion – Christianity

Occupation – Student

Business – ICT Business, Emmatech Solutions Enterprise

Likes/Dislikes – I like Everything about God, I dislike cheating & oppression

Favourite Color – Pink & Red

Fav. music – Jehovah by Prospa Ochimana

Course – Computer Science

Best Food – Rice & Beans,

Cloth – Native

Role Model – Dr Paul Enenche

Social Handles– Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn @Emmanuel_Inalegwu_Anjenu

Tech Savvy, goal oriented, a passionate and dedicated individual.

Awojobi Oluwatimilehin

Gender: Female


Birthday: July 10

Location: Ondo state

Marital status: Single

Religion: Christianity

Occupation: Student, writer, counsellor and baker.

Like & dislikes: I like to learn new things. 

Role model: J.K Rowlings

Any practising business for promotion: Baking

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite songs/music: Oceans by Hillsong

course, lecturer: Mass Communication, Mrs Benson (Mac 105 lecturer)

Best food: Jollof rice, plantain and egg.

Social handles
Instagram handle:  @oluwatimilehinawojobi
Twitter handle:  Awojobioluwati3
Facebook: Awojobi Oluwatimilehin
LinkedIn : Awojobi Oluwatimilehin

OLOMU Modinat Motunrayo

Gender: Female


Birthday:17th of March

Location: Ibadan

Marital status: Single

Religion: Islam

Occupation: Student, fashion designer.

Favourite colour: Black

Music: R & B

Course: Statistics

Best Food: Plantain

Fbk: Olomu Modinat Apinke
Instagram: Mo_deenah
Twitter: Mo_deenah

Ariyo Olusola Joseph

Gender: Male


Birthday:  June 7

Location: Ondo State, Ikare Akoko

Marital status: Single


Occupation:  Content Creation/Copywriting

Business for promotion: De Discovery (Youtube channel) via this link

Likes: I like singing, speaking and being creative.

Dislikes: I dislike things coming impromptu and procrastination.

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite song: “One call away” by Charlie Puth

Best food: Jollof rice

Best course: MAC210 (Announcing and Performance)

Best lecturer: Mrs. Alero Benson 

Instagram: @ariyoolusolajoseph

Ajala Oluwatunmise Ofure

Gender: Female


Birthday: 10th of June

Location: Lagos State.

Marital status: Single


Occupation: Student, writer, fashion designer.

Kolawole Judah Oluwatobi

Gender: male


Birthday: 3rd of May

Location: Lagos state.

Marital status: Single


Occupation: Student/Entrepreneur

Dawodu Aderinsola Blessing

Gender: Female


Birthday: October 9

Location: Lagos state.

Marital status: Single


Occupation: writer, student, entrepreneur.

Favorite color: black

Social media handles: Derin Dawodu

Soyoye Testimony Faith

Gender: Female


Birthday: May

Location: Ibadan, Oyo state.

Marital status: Single


Occupation: Student/Content Creator

Likes: I love books, music and intellectually individuals. I have no favorite colour at the moment. 

Dislikes: I dislike people with deceptive personalities.

Favorites: Favorite music? I’ll go with artiste. Musics from Brymo, Asa, Sia, Adele, Alessia Cara and many others would do.

COURSE OF STUDY: Linguistics and African Languages.

ROLE MODEL:  A lot of people who inspire me in different aspects of my life.

Social media handles:

  •  IG/TWITTER – @tessiemoney/@MoneyTessie
  • Facebook : Tijesunimi Testimony Soyoye
    Facebook page: Ink and Pen.

Determination and the ability to consistently strive for success is the only way to go far in life. Believe in your dreams, map out your goal and you’re one step closer to attaining great heights

Adejugbe Faith

Gender: Male



Location: Lagos.

Marital status: sINGLE


Occupation: Network Marketer, Event Decorator

Likes: Neutral

Dislikes: Neutral

Favorites: Neutral

TV Subscription and Data bundles for sale

Social media handles:  IG –

twitter –


Gender: Male


Birthday: July

Location: Ibadan, Oyo state.

Marital status: In a Relationship


OccupationPodcaster/Writer: The Announcer’s House (

Likes: Neutral

Dislikes: Neutral

Favorites: Neutral

Social media handles:  IG/TWITTER – @wan_ui, sstcpod