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I’ve got good news, bad news, and great news for you.

The good news: blogging is a work from home rich job no matter the level of economy hardship. 

The bad news: this is not a secret that for you to be a successful blogger it is time consuming, you have to invest, you need to be hardworking, you need to be creative and hardworking and more importantly you need to meet up with all of its requirement.

The great news: With blogging you enjoy great stream of an income that never end. You keep on making six figures every now and then at the convenient of your own home.

But what if you don’t meet up necessary requirement for this business you will be thinking what was stated in the blogging good news part and the great news are lie. You would be regarding me as a liar too. So, to help you avoid situation as this, I’ve helped figure out some of the important requirement you needed to succeed in the blogging business.


Ensuring proper requirement for blogging are in place is essential for this core reasons:

  • Putting proper requirement help you work faster and more efficiently.
  • Ensuring proper requirement can help you avoid mistakes and errors.
  • Nailing proper requirement from scratch help you to do a better job.
  • You enjoy speed and accuracy.
  • You benefit better performance.


Well, I classified blogging requirement into two major groups. Which are physical and non-physical? Below are some of them highlighted out.


  • Laptop: A portable computer that is small enough to use on one’s lap, has its main components (as keyboard and display screen) combined in one unit, and can run on battery power.
  • Desktop computer: of a size that is suitable for use on a desk or table. An area on a computer screen in which items are arranged as if on top of a desk.
  • Internet modem: A device that converts signals produced by one type of device (such as a computer) to a form compatible with another (such as a telephone) and that is used especially to transmit and receive information between computers via landlines.
  • Cash: Money or its equivalent (such as a check) paid for goods or services at the time of purchase or delivery.
  • Bank account: An account with a bank created by the deposited of money or its equivalent and subject to withdrawal of money (as by check or passbook).
  • An ATM card: a card (such as a credit card or an ATM card) issued by a bank.
  • Electricity / Generator: Electric current or power supply. while generator is refer to as a machine by which mechanical energy is changed into electrical energy.
  • Power bank: A Power Bank is a portable charger designed to recharge your electronic devices when you’re on the move. Ranging in size from slim, pocket-sized devices up to larger, higher-capacity Power Banks – they can be used to charge smartphones, tablets etc.


  • Time: the measure or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues. You need to be ready to invest your timing. Blogging consume timing a lot and most especially if you’re just starting out where you still have many things to be put in places.
  • Patience: forbearance, long-suffering, sufferance, tolerance. The capacity, habit, or fact of being patient. This is another serious requirement you need in blogging eco-sphere. Patience is highly critical if you want to succeed in the blogging world because it takes time before it start yielding you that profitable income but one thing is certain if you can be patience enough then
  • Hard work: This is the act of working diligent, industrious. Constantly, regularly, or habitually engaged in earnest and energetic work. In blogging field you need this as one of the criteria for you to succeed.
  • Intelligence: this is the ability for you to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. So, in blogging business you high need to exhibit these traits if you must succeed in this business line.
  • Confidence: as in assurance in one’s self. Stresses faith in oneself and one’s powers without any suggestion of conceit or arrogance. Yes, you need this as one of your requirement to succeed in blogging industry otherwise you will easily give up.
  • Information: this is the giving or receiving of knowledge or intelligence. Also, can be referred to as knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction. Yes, as a blogger that want to thrive well in this era then you need to inculcate this skill.
  • Foreknowledge: fore see, fore know, to have earlier knowledge of: know beforehand.
  • Perseverance: continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition: the action or condition or an instance of persevering: steadfastness.


Honestly, everyone wants to do business and succeed, everyone wants to do business and making good income. Nobody plans to do business and fail or still remains poor.

But if this is actually your goals too, then the first thing you need to concentrate on is ensuring putting in places all needed requirement for your business to thrive on well. Both physical and non-physical requirement.

Except you do this you might not hit your big goal of starting business even if the business is the type that’s reigning in town.

When I first started out, I was also making this error, not putting in places vital requirement and as a result things was not flowing as it ought to be, I’m not getting the results I want.

So, it was only when started to give priority to necessary requirement both physical and non-physical I started experiencing the outcome I want.

Making more profit beyond expectation and business growth started to set in.

So, there you’ve heard it all so far. Be cool, be calm, and be at rest, no need to rush anything for nothing, no sense in rushing anything that at the end will still collapse.

Therefore, before you jump into that next business, ensure you’ve covered the entire needed requirement. Before you dabble into blogging business or you quite out of it, be sure both physical and non-physical requirement has been settled; at least the vital one has been settled.

Perhaps you’re scared of blogging business failure or you’re already on the verge of quitting out, my dear you can still make that table sit properly again. You can proper blogging coaching support here – submit form here.

Just you’re still on the fence deeply looking for clue on how to be making great income in this economy era – free download of mini PDF on how to making stream of an income here

Kehinde Abiola have been a certified Google digital marketer, a pro blogger and a KICK-ASS Freelance Wizard for years. He’s on a mission to help individual make sustainable income doing legitimate works online and business owner improve their profit making. He’s the publisher and team lead at CCN. He’s the author of different training material at notable places including CCN. He’s the Web manager [Adim] and content producer at SOJWORLDNEWS to mention a few.

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