Call for Applications: The Children’s Literature Prize 2021

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Call for Applications: The Children’s Literature Prize 2021

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The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, the arm of the Arab Bank for Cultural and Social Responsibility, in it’s 15th session for the year 2021, intimate the public to apply for the Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for Children’s Literature on the topic “Diaries of a boy / girl” directs to age group 10-14 years. Submission ends 30th April.

A Diary is a record of experience, actual or imaginary incidents, mostly written in first person narrative. These incidents revolves around the daily life struggle of the child. In order to successfully fit into the field of literature: The style must be interesting, the language is literary, the narration vibrant along with the intimacy of the presentation and the sincerity of the approach.

Conditions for the award for this session:

The nominated text must be fluent and accessible in Arabic, to simulate the age group (10-14) years.To submit only one work, thee word count ranges between 10,000-15,000 words. Business reception starts on 12/15/2020 and the last date is April 30, 2021.

* To view the children’s literature award booklet for the year 2020 session ( click here )

General conditions for the award:

—The applicant must be of Arab nationality or of Arab origin. Nomination for the prize is accepted by the author himself.
—The applicant must be 18 years old.
— The work submitted for the award must be an original and not quoted or translated from another language.
—The work submitted for the award should not have been published in newspapers, periodicals, websites, or others.
—The work must not be submitted to another award or has previously won a prize.
—Entries that arrive after the progress period and incomplete files are excluded.
—Works that are submitted outside the specified topic are excluded.
—The applicant is not entitled to make any change or amendment to his nominated work after his arrival at the award committee.
—The Foundation is not obligated to return the submitted works, whether they win or not.
—The Foundation is under no obligation to provide applicants with any feedback about their ineligible works after the results appear.
—The Foundation has the right to publish and produce the first edition of the winning works on paper for one year, and electronically and audio for five years, and the winner will receive (50) copies of the publication.
—The winning work is subject to discussion and amendment in consultation with the author at the discretion of the award board.
—The Foundation has the right to withhold the award for this session.

Steps involved in submitting the application through the online system:

Nominations for the award are made via the electronic system ( click here ) after reviewing the candidacy conditions, by following the following steps:

•Please note that the electronic system works on the Internet browser (Chrome)

Create an account on the online system, activate the account and log in using your username and password, to learn how to apply through the online system (click here) to watch the introductory video.

If you have an account from the previous year, please enter the username and password ( click here ) Enter personal data, contact information and address. Download the following required attachments:

1- A copy of the ID card or passport.

2- A summary of the CV.

3- The work submitted for the award under the following conditions:

3.1 (Word document should be Arial font size 14).

3.2 It is a requirement that the participant’s name not be placed on the electronic version.

4- A signed copy of the declaration.

Clicking on the pledge button that satisfies that all the entered data are related to the applicant, and then send the request electronically.


The assessment of the submitted output shall be undertaken by a committee formed by the scientific committee of the award with specialization in the subject of the award based on the specified criteria.

Innovation in handling the idea. Language and style Content and ideas Renewal and creativityThe originality of the work

Award components:

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation grants each winner a certificate in his name and in the field of literary art in which he won, in addition to a shield bearing the name of the award and the foundation’s logo, and a financial reward of (18,000) Jordanian dinars divided into three centers:

First place: (10,000) Jordanian dinars Second place: (5000) Jordanian dinars
Third place: (3000) Jordanian dinars

More details and application here

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