Campus Community  Network in other to strongly fulfilled its mission for undergraduate and external community at large, set up its Alumni body.

See below details about the Alumni Network


1. Advanced Student Scholarships:
Campus Community Network Alumni members across the globe develop, assist and also access scholarships opportunity to further assist their professional career journey.
2. Alumni Recognition:
Alumni receive special recognition (Local and national) for noteworthy achievements and strong support From the organization. CCN annually awards alumni for their service to the Network or platform through the Distinguished Alumni Awards program.
3. Society Involvement:
Our Alumni Network is formed on select geographic regions and disciplines to offer opportunities of service, friendship, and networking etc.
4 Alumni Networking:
Meet new people, make connections, and enhance relationships at our alumni platform via all our laid down activities throughout the year.
5. Advance Your Career:
CCN Alumni Members can utilize career related assistance through our alumni mentors.  Noteworthy alumni help get you on the right career path as a satisfied member.
6. Alumni Events:
Receive invitations to receptions, game events and special activities.  The CCN Alumni Network hosts events throughout the Country to bring your alma mater to you.  Join us in regional locations like when you’re involved.
7. Membership Benefits and Savings:
Enjoy the benefits of being an Alumni Member Worldwide through various discounts on so many things.
8. Campus & Alumni Information:
Receive special information through your e-mail account, read about news and happenings at Campus Community Network, National and Alumni publications such as the weekly info e-news, and the CCN Alumni e-Newsletter.
9. Volunteer Opportunities:
Interact with CCN alumni who hail from diverse backgrounds, Countries, regions and preserve CCN Alumni community Network.
10. Your Identity:
A strong/certified CCN alumni members makes a stronger connection and derived opportunity via our online alumni profile and identity card that will be issued. 


Members of CCN Alumni Network are expected to abide by the rules building the Body

🏻 Only ex-Higher Education Students who are on the Alumni database can apply for an Alumni Card. 
🏻 Only one card is allowed per person. 
🏻 Graduates cannot apply for cards on behalf of other graduates. 
🏻 An Alumni Card will only be issued when the Alumni Office has approved the application and the necessary fees attached to this has been paid. 
🏻 Benefits and services such as the Careers Service , meeting new dignitaries, networking, mentoring etc are subject to availability and access when become a satisfied members
🏻 An Alumni Card remains the property of CCN and can be withdrawn at any time of misuse or abuse. 
🏻 A replacement fee will be charged in the event of a lost or stolen card. 
🏻 If an Alumni Card is lost or stolen the Alumni Officer at CCN must be notified immediately. 
🏻 Making copies of the card is strictly forbidden. 
🏻 Lending your card to another person in order for them to gain benefits and services on offer or to gain access to the other related alumni benefits will result in the card being cancelled and the card holders membership terminated. 
🏻 The benefits and services available with an Alumni Card will change from time to time to something higher as we upgrade our Alumni Community, please check the website for details on up to date offers. 
🏻 For Non CCN Crew that is a graduate or working class that just get to know about this Network and which to join the Alumni Network/Community should send a letter of Request with Cv and cover letter to intendingccnalumni@gmail.com for necessary requirements and screening.