Motto: Fostering Realization through inclusion and sustainability.


To foster a generation of leaders, students and individuals alike that thrives through inclusion, empathy and humility; collaboratively attaining great nexus and relevance in the society.


  • To ensure every alumni leads a successful business and career in tandem to national transformation.
  • To foster a generation of individuals that thrives through inclusion, networking and collaboration.
  • To celebrate progress and enhance prospects.


To be the center of distinction in business training, networking, quality service delivery and a sustainable future.


To ensure your dreams become a reality, with your full support we add the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed professional online sales system set up for quality service.

  • Strategically locating specific audience with easy to boost your business revenue.

  • Branding identity with sub activities.

  • Branding strategies with sub activities.

  • Marketing/Sales strategies.

  • Revenue flow & management.


  1. All these are not theoretical lecturing / teaching: we get your business set up and running professionally with the benefits already outlined above, after which we hand over your business to you with all the necessary illustrations needed to continue running it well. A token fee is paid to enjoy this.

  2.  The token fee attached to this business development is to cover up incurred expenses needed to get this done appropriately while developing it.

  3.  The fee can be paid in installments and only on completion of payment would the business be handed over.

Alumni business Development

To participate,

  1. Start your profiling. Upload a picture.
  2. Provide the required information in the form as accurately as possible.
  3. Upon the completion of profiling, proceed to the payment section for final upload.