Campus COMMUNITY Network Crew Benefits

Certificate of Service

Acquisition of certificate which proves you acquired media services skills, and awards you the opportunity to work with media or non media related organizations.


Members stand the chance of furthering their careers with other organizations to whom the recommendation may concern.

Start-up opportunity

Skills acquired enable you to create,develop and promote your own brand ,and also comes with the added benefit of getting linked to sponsors, partnership with media related firm.

Connection and Networking

You get to relate with any organization after your involvement with Campus Connect Network.

Added benefits when you get involved with CCN include;

  • Valuable work experience

  • Insight to develop your career path

  • Skills to help you job opportunity and to add to your CV

  • Confidence

  • Medium to be linked up with different fields.

  • Financial compensation


  1. Media Representative on Campuses

  2. Business Representative on Campuses

  3. Support in Generating Leads  on Campuses

In summary, members of the crew are image-makers on Campuses.

Newly recruited crew member will be fully exposed to these benefits and tasks, and also the methodology on how to get these tasks done with ease.


There are lots of benefits to being the coordinator or part of the management team of the CCN On-Campus crew.

  1. Members are granted preferential benefits and Opportunities.

  2. Opportunity for the online leadership and excellence management skills plus profile improvements etc..

  3. Platform and Opportunity to connect and network with top dignitaries in their respective institutions.

  4. Member can create a good network with the institutions management before others and other top officials.
  5. Opportunity to enjoy more of all other Campus Crew stated benefits.
  6. An additional certificate on completion of tenure. This certificate could be added to his/her curriculum vitae.




In our method of operation, the CCN's national management deals directly with selected management team across our affiliated campuses.