In our method of operation, the CCN’s national management deals directly with selected management team across our affiliated campuses.


Below are the terms and conditions for qualifying for our On-Campus management team.

  1.  Being proactive and productive while serving as a normal member of this network guarantees you a shot at the managerial contest. Therefore, responsiveness and seriousness are non negotiable.

2. Application forms would be provided and obtained by the applicants.

3. A passive member won’t qualify for the management’s contest.

4. For every newly established institutions , everyone is opportuned to contest.


  1. They shall have other sub- team to assist in the work.

  2. They shall represent the chapter crew at the senate meeting of the Board meetings of Campus Connect Network, National body or otherwise select a representative.

  3. They shall carry out any other functions as may be directed by the provisions of the Code of conducts and constitution.

  4. They Shall be the head and first member of the organization chapter.

  5. They oversees and establish the whole activities of the chapter being headed/Managed.

  6. Set objectives and establish the goals that team members need to reach.

  7. They organize tasks, coordinate, allocate and arrange the right roles for the right people

  8. Motivate and communicate in order to mold crew into cooperative teams and to convey information continually up, down and around the necessary quarters as maybe directed by the national manager or code of conduct and constitution.

  9. They establish target and yardsticks that measure results and clarify outcomes to ensure that the organization is moving in the right direction as maybe directed by the General manager.

  10. They develop the crew through finding, training and nurturing team members towards organization’s primary goal .

  11. They monitor and control expenses and budgets.

  12. They answer directly to the General Manager.


  • Shall defend the organization at all times.
  • Shall coordinate and supervise all organization’s activities.
  • Shall represent or delegate a representative to attend any official engagement of the association within and outside the institution.
  • Shall carry out any other functions as may be directed by the provisions of the code of conduct of the constitution.
  • Shall duly sign the adopted minutes.
  •  Shall counter-sign financial papers and other relevant documents of the organization.
  • Shall answers directly to the Chapter Director.


  • Shall preside over meetings in the absence of the coordinator.
  • Shall coordinate the organization activities in the absence of the coordinator.
  • Shall assist the coordinator in discharging his duties.
  • Shall automatically assume the office of the coordinator in case of death, impeachment of resignation of the coordinator.
  • Shall perform any other function as may be directed by the provisions of the constitutions.
  • Shall be the chief strategist of the organization programs.


  • Offer utmost Support any task embarked upon by the chapter crew coordinator or assistance.

  • Always act as an assistant to the whole media crew success in any given task.

  • Always see to welfare (Development of the edition to leading other schools edition)

Other position duties and related rules and regulations biding the crew of the network is available in the constitution that you’ll access after successful become members of the network