CCN Update Knowledge Base

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A product is something made in a factory; a brand is something that is bought by the customer. A product can be copied by a competitor; a brand is unique. A product can be quickly outdated; a successful brand is timeless.
Stephen King

The CCN update and release publication section is all centred on providing you with in-depth knowledge and understanding of our CCN platform itself.


  • Monthly Summary: A post about all the CCN monthly activities can be found in this publication category.
    The complete list of our activities in a month [Every Month].
  • The Round-up: Giving helpful information about our products / services in a category and how to go for the best choice or the one that suits you.
  • The Feature: Providing you useful information about newly added features to our products/ services or the general platform itself
  • The CCN Hot Giveaway: You can always use the CCN publication menu for any of our upcoming free workshops, webinars and more.
  • CCN Annual Summary: In this publication section; we give you our total activities in a year in a way that adds value to your life and business [ Enrich your Life].
  • Vacation: Useful information content on notable days of the year in relation to CCN activities’ best practices and use.
  • Upcoming CCN Events: Any of our organized events,  training and more can be found in this publication category.

Now that you’ve got to know that we’ve a special publication section dedicated for your full knowledge and understanding of our offering; then, key into it and keep making use of it in other to remain up-to-date with our Life-Enrichment Activities.

We wish you all the best.