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Competition; Ocean Wise Innovator Lab may be a global project-based competition for youth aged 13-30, including university students, student clubs, highschool students, youth-led organizations and startups.

Also The application period for the inaugural Ocean Wise Innovator Lab is now open, with the three month program running from February to April 2022.

Apply by January 31.

About The Program
Competition- The Ocean Wise Innovator Lab is elevating youth voices by providing mentorship from leading ocean experts and entrepreneurs, access to funding and academic resources which will help participants realize and share their innovative ocean health solutions.

During the three month program, participants will study issues impacting the ocean, especially ocean plastics, and develop an innovation that tackles this problem of Competition For Youth- Ocean Wise

At the top of the program, participants will submit their innovation, with an opportunity to win up to $2,500 CAD.

Awarding The Prizes
At the top of this three month program, youth participants will submit their final innovations for review of this program, Competition For Youth- Ocean Wise;
•We are going to be trying to find youth to demonstrate impact (how the innovation benefits ocean health) and engagement (how the innovation is shared and / or sparks direct action).
•Evaluation criteria are going to be shared with participants during the program.
•A panel of experts from Ocean Wise and program mentors and ambassadors will determine the highest innovations and award up to $2,500 CAD as a part of the inaugural Ocean Wise Innovator Lab.
•The top three innovations will receive recognition of their achievement along with:

-1st place: $2500 CAD
-2nd place: $1000 CAD
-3rd place: $500 CAD

•All participants also will receive a digital certificate in recognition of their participation, along side a badge which will be added to their LinkedIn profiles and resume of this Competition For Youth- Ocean Wise Program.

What sorts of innovations are Ocean Wise looking for? That’s up to you!

•The program is inclusive intentionally and hospitable all youth aged 13-30 curious about taking protest to vary the trajectory of ocean health.

•We invite participants with interest during a sort of disciplines and subjects.

•A fresh and original YouTube channel, TikTok or podcast dedicated to putting together awareness about ocean plastics and galvanizing viewers / listeners to require protest to deal with the difficulty – this might appeal to youth curious about communications
An inclusive initiative that encourages and enables community members to tackle the difficulty of ocean plastics, especially those that may face barriers doing so – this might appeal to youth curious about social sciences.

•A prototype for cutting-edge technology that addresses the difficulty of ocean plastics – this might appeal to youth curious about engineering.

•An engaging campaign that brings awareness to ocean plastics and / or encourages behaviour change or donations – this might appeal to youth curious about marketing.

•A prototype of a captivating app / game that addresses ocean plastics and encourages protest – this might appeal to youth curious about computing s
An impactful and entertaining plastic-free culinary event or event series – this might appeal to youth in hospitality.

•Ambassadors and mentors
Learn from Ocean Wise experts and program ambassadors

Throughout the program, participants will have the prospect to find out from leaders in ocean health, including Ocean
•Wise’s in-house experts,
•purpose-driven ecopreneurs tackling ocean plastics and
•design thinking specialists, including:

•The application period for the inaugural Ocean Wise Innovator Lab is now open, with the three month program running from February to April 2022.

•The first ever set of prizes are going to be awarded at the conclusion of the program in spring 2022. the appliance period will close on January 31.

To apply for this Competition For Youth- Ocean Wise Program; you’ll got to share:

•Your email address, location and birthdate
•A brief bio or description of yourself / your team, including relevant background and knowledge
•Why you would like to participate
•The discipline your innovation will presumably fit with (e.g. communications, engineering, computer science, hospitality, social sciences, etc.)
•Your social media handles (optional)
•We sincerely thank all applicants for his or her interest. Upon application submission, you’ll receive a notification via email that your application has been received.

•Following review, all applicants are going to be contacted regarding the status of their application.

Apply Here and Learn More

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