The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy across the globe; To this effect, all On – Campus Crew Due payment has been equalised to enabled the various campus management achieve its quoted task objective, stated in the orientation portal. However, CCN has also compensated each registered crew to this effect by increasing their individual earning commission rate to 35% and 40% for the management.

The Network Community hopes to served you better.

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Campus Community Network.


The entire CCN family do welcome you all, and we look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Campus Community Network (CCN) is an award winning media service provider, existing on the campuses of various tertiary institutions and external communities across the federation, with an experienced and highly certified crew working round the clock to satisfy our audiences and clients.

As a crew member, there are basic rules each person is expected to fulfill, in other to harness your abilities and operate legally as a CCN crew member.

Campus Crew Roles

  • Abiding by laid down rules and regulation.
  • Performing assigned task with dexterity and diligence.
  • Humbly serving as an ambassador of CCN.
  • Judiciously performing tasks for CCN even when not assigned to do so, through proper channels for the greater good of the organization and all.
  • Respecting each other and working in harmony.
  • Paying annual dues.


 Registration/Renewal: CCN is an award winning media service provider, hence abides and runs a legal system. It is mandatory to register or renew registration of the organization with the school system via proper channels to ensure safety, legal and smooth running of the organization at the stipulated time. However, in a system where renewal isn’t practiced, it will be stated in your receipt upon your registration.

Program/Events: Campus Community Network has it array of programs and events it organizes, and such should be enforced in your respective institutions. Also, programs, events and so on specific to individual school can be incorporated as long as they are; supporting and achieving CCN goals, providing opportunities, expertise and experience for the crew and are legal.
Follow this link to see all (

Courtesy visit: CCN is first,a media service provider and as such, is required to reach out to departments, lecturers, and the students at large, to garner and dessipate authentic information, form partnerships that would benefit both parties, maintain existing relationship, promote youth/student programs and activities, to empower and represent the student populace effectively.

Industry Tour: CCN has noticed the gap between the students and the industries and has such, worked towards bridging it. In the light of this, it is mandatory as it is also essential to partner with various organizations which would allow for visitations between both parties. It will also create an avenue for practical knowledge and expertise to be exchanged via trainings and engagements.


The CCN On- Campus Crew operate in two phase.

  • ONLINE SKILLS/TRAINING: The CCN On- Campus crew are entitled to trainings with necessary skills to thrive in this age digitally and otherwise.
  • ON- CAMPUS MEDIA CLUB CREW ENGAGEMENT: The CCN On - Campus media crew are expected to work hand in hand with their respective campus mgt to ensure the smooth running of activities, programs and events of our audiences, clients and the network at large.


  • Opportunity to earn individual high referral commission Rate.
  • License opportunity to market CCN goods & services example, opportunity for the chapter to produce & sell CCN public shirt at events and programs in other to generate revenue for individual chapter.
  • Granted opportunity to market other CCN Network souvenir to generate chapter's revenue.
  • Referral commission rate for registered Campus crew is 35%.


To avoid CCN's legality and authenticity of operation being questioned, the following are also needed:

  • ANNUAL DUE: This is a token each member is expected to pay for the smooth running of the organisation in your campus. For example, it is out of this dues we register our organisation if it's new in an institution, or renew it's registration as required by the school management if it already exist on that campus; In a situation where registration is a one time payment, it would be stated on your receipt after registration. The dues is also used to initiate processing of events, and for database maintenance
  • I.D CARD: The need of an identification card cannot be overemphasized. It is the piece of document with our signature and barcode fully certifying a carrier as a legal member who has fulfilled all rights. Note; Only one who has fully registered on our database can request an ID card for a small token.
  • EXECUTIVE SHIRT: It is necessary for a legal crew member to own one of this, as in the case of official meetings, and outings, one would be required to wear it. Also, with this shirt, which certifies one is a legal member, the wearer would have access to enter restricted places as a media service provider.
  • COMPLEMENTARY CARD: This shows not just the organisation information, but also yours, which can be employed for marketing. CCN is doing this for free for any registered club crew on campus.


The management (mgt) of each campus crew are a team that managed and coordinates the affairs of each campus. They comprise, COORDINATOR, ASSISTANT COORDINATOR AND ASSISTANT TO MGT.In the bid of fostering transparency, we conduct an online voting election to get choose various campus mgt team.


  • One must be a fully certified crew member.
  • One must be an active member of the Network
  • One must have an outstanding profile and a good recommendation from chapter crew.
  • Mgt referral commission rate is 40%
  • Managerial position would reflect in your official credentials with CCN at the due time for collection and also your complementary card and ID card.


The benefits attached to being a Campus Community Network crew member cannot be overemphasized. Benefits such as trainings, exposures, recommendations and many more Follow this link to see more.


  • In a situation where the Network is just being established in your school, everyone is eligible to apply for a managerial post.
  • If you haven’t done your database registration as well as paid your annual dues, you can’t request an I.D CARD neither can you also request an EXECUTIVE SHIRT and other vital tools to function as a fully certified crew member.

Contact any of the admins for more info and clarification.


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