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Future Rising Fellowship program seeks to support grassroots and native initiatives that are being led by girls and ladies , that are designed to specifically support girls and ladies , or that seek to amplify the voices of women and ladies who are building resilience and addressing immediate impacts of global climate change where they live.

About the Fellowship Program:

The Future Rising Fellowship Program may be a year-long virtual fellowship for people aged 17-24 to inform stories at the intersection of global climate change , environmental justice and gender equity.

Successful applicants receive a $5,000 stipend and participate during a year-long virtual program consisting of professional development, creative enrichment and practical support within the production of a narrative project which Fellows complete as a part of the program.

These narrative projects are often fiction or non fiction and may be created in any medium (video, photography, multi-media, podcast, long form essay etc.) they ought to connect in some substantial way, to global climate change and gender equity and therefore the project should be be achievable within the scope of the year-long Fellowship.

More information about project requirements are often found in our ‘Your Questions Answered’ section on our website. you’ll also attend one among our information sessions to find out more.

Throughout the year, Fellows will have access — through workshops, group meetings, and one-on-one sessions —- to experts drawn from a various range of disciplines: media professionals, journalists, educators, advocates, filmmakers, artists, academics, authors and climate scientists.


The work of the 2022 Cohort are going to be focused around two global climate change topics that have particular relevance to women and ladies

1) ‘Food and Water Security’
2) ‘Local Solutions.’

This means that Fellows’ narrative projects within the 2022 cohort must relate to at least one of those topics. More information about how we view these topics is below.

1) Food and Water Security
Safe access to sufficient and affordable food and water that meets basic needs of nutrition, sanitation, agriculture, especially among vulnerable populations.

Climate change is causing food and water scarcity everywhere the planet . People in poorer countries who contribute least to carbon emissions, are presumably to experience food and water insecurity. Among these people, girls and ladies that suffer first and worst – being presumably to experience malnutrition, starvation, unhealthiness , violence or displacement thanks to food and water insecurity.

But there’s a flip side to the present story. Because additionally to the present vulnerability, girls and ladies are uniquely positioned to be vital agents of sustainability in their communities and beyond. That’s because they often play roles that are critical to their community’s relationship to land, to food production, agricultural practices and to accessing water for drinking or irrigation. Moreover, everywhere the planet , girls and ladies are innovating and implementing methods to safeguard access to food and water for themselves, their families and their communities.

The 2022 Future Rising Fellowship program seeks to support young leaders who are performing on food and water security with a gender equity lens, OR who are telling the stories of women or women working to secure access to adequate food and water through advocacy, community organizing or activism or through sustainable practices like crop rotation, agroforestry, regenerative farming, sustainable fishing, nature based solutions or other initiatives that are associated with food and water security.

2) Local Solutions
Innovation, initiatives and /or leadership intended to deal with the requirements of a selected community (urban or rural) and its population

The Future Rising Fellowship program seeks to support grassroots and native initiatives that are being led by girls and ladies , that are designed to specifically support girls and ladies , or that seek to amplify the voices of women and ladies who are building resilience and addressing immediate impacts of global climate change where they live.

The Fellowship is additionally available to
•Eligible storytellers who are performing on projects that are directly associated with girls’ education, local leadership and locally focused efforts to adapt to or to mitigate the impacts of global climate change .

•Projects could also be based anywhere within the world and in any quite a setting (urban or rural.) they’ll be associated with any environmental justice, climate adaptation or mitigation efforts led by or focused on girls and women’s ability to adapt or mitigate the consequences of global climate change at an area level.

•This might be about agriculture, deforestation, conservation, biodiversity, re-wilding, economic empowerment, environmental health, clean air or water, displacement or other direct effects of global climate change .

We also recognize that global climate change has many indirect impacts on girls and ladies – for instance gender based violence, child marriage increase as a results of the adverse impacts of global climate change .

We welcome applications that connect global climate change to those sorts of hidden impacts. Though we wish to support projects that are very local and little in scale, we are most ready to accept initiatives that have a minimum of reached an initial pilot phase with a demonstrated proof of concept.

This is not a full time or residential fellowship and is meant to dovetail with candidates’ existing or ongoing work/studies and commitments. the start three month long summer intensive (June-August) would require a weekly commitment of up to fifteen hours per week, while the later months would require up to five hours per week.

In order to participate within the program, applicants must have access to the web to enable them to speak with the longer term Rising Staff and other fellows, also on attend regular virtual convenings.

Though individual projects may use or could also be created in any language, meetings and group communication are going to be held in English. Any special arrangements for travel, access to subjects or for living arrangements associated with the creation of Fellows’ pieces of labor , must be made independently by the Fellows themselves.

Each fellow will receive a stipend of $5,000 and may apply for alittle additional grant for direct project expenses and materials.

Girl Rising is an civil right organization. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without reference to race, color, religion, gender, identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, or veteran status.

About Future Rising:
Future Rising may be a new storytelling, advocacy and social impact program from Girl Rising. Its mission is to drive investment and support for girls’ education and to harness the facility of educated girls and ladies to tackle the impacts and root causes of global climate change .

Over subsequent 3-5 years Future Rising seeks to use storytelling as a catalyst for change on three fronts, changing norms, changing policy, and changing lives through education rooted in storytelling.


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