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Application for the Marc Ravenscroft Grant is now on.


The Marc Ravenscroft Grant is to help the poor students aiming for higher education in America. Marc Ravenscroft knows the tuition fees in any private college in The US offering 4-year courses are exorbitant, amounting to an average of $34,740 per semester. As far as the public universities are concerned, they make in-state students pay about $9,970, while out-of-state candidates would have to pay around $25,620. Each year, annual tuition fees increase by about 2.4 percent at private institutions and 3.2 percent at public universities in the United States.

As higher education fees consistently increase, the Marc Ravenscroft Grant would help students afford higher education and chase their dreams. The Marc Ravenscroft Grant, founded by Marc Ravenscroft, was established for a noble cause, and it offers grant money of $1,000 to the most talented essay writer.



An eligible student will be a senior in high school who has been accepted into an accredited US college/university. They may also be a freshman, sophomore, or junior currently enrolled in an accredited US college/university.

The student must submit an essay of approx 700-800 words titled with the topic given for the year.

Besides being involved in philanthropic activities, Marc is an avid sportsman, golfer, basketball enthusiast, and tennis player.

He loves to spend his leisure hour with Heather, his wife, mentoring, coaching, and supporting their kid’s academic and extracurricular activities.

So, the eligible public is invited to partake in this ongoing application opportunity while it’s on



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