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The novel coronavirus has exposed a seemingly unending challenges to us. It has opened our eyes to the loopholes in the education of our children, in our economy, and in the basic necessities of life. This tale of ours could– to a large extent be solved with data. Data can be used to explain all this better, but collection and standardising pose a major challenge of the local journalist who bound by limited or no resource.

To this end, JSK-Big local News is offering hope. The John S. Knight fellowships at Stanford university and Big Local News –a project of Stanford journalism and democracy initiative would be funding data driven, replicable stories on the pandemic

This offer is Open to journalist covering these stories or related issues in any part of the world

The selected projects would go on to receive funds for data collection, analysis and reporting. Big Local news will also provide support and a platform for recipients in terms of collection and storing.

Once the stories are published, the data will be shared as an Open Project at, along with a guide, or story recipe for how to do a similar story elsewhere. The data may also be archived permanently with Stanford Libraries. We recognize that good journalism takes time, so recipients will have six months to work on their project.

The deadline to submit applications is Monday, Sept. 28, 2020, at 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

Read our FAQ for more information and follow @JSKstanford and @BigLocalNews on Twitter for
Please email with questions:


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